fun & games weekend, part 3

The Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi was a popular attraction at the sparsely-attended “free” WECA Fun Day. Tickets were $10 at the “gate” (note the chairs blocking the entrance) but I snuck the bike-taxi in through a back entrance). Bill, Jordan, Catherine, Adam and other unelected WECA bigwigs saw me do it, but wisely decided to grind their teeth a bit and wait for Rick to show up to deal with it.
The councillor was in and out in a flash – a quick photo op with some kids and he zoomed away in his taxpayer-subsidized Hummer to his next schmoozing opportunity.
The tighter rules in the ethics package mean that Rick couldn’t use his slush fund to pay for cotton candy and balloons, as in the past. The helium-filled balloons are a dumb idea anyway, as many of them end up flying away to pollute the atmosphere and kill some wildlife.
Surprisingly he didn’t bring doughnuts, candy or vote-for-Rick City Hall swag. He did, however, get a couple of his youngest staff members and groupies to don Rick Chiarelli/Rob Ford Nation t-shirts and paint some faces.
I was a bit surprised to see how few people showed up, given the fantastic weather and the many corporate sponsors.
I don’t think it was only the $10 WECA tax that kept the crowds away.
Few residents know about WECA events (the Family Day Hockey Event drew only a handful of insiders) – newsletter distribution is hit-and-miss in Westcliffe (and non-existent in Lynwood), and putting up signs or marketing the event (to anyone but the inner circle) doesn’t turn Bill’s crank.
The Circus Delight guys drove in the stakes that keep the inflated slide from blowing away. Don’t laugh – a bouncy castle was carried away by a gust of wind in the States and killed one of the kids trapped inside, and we all remember the Bluesfest stage.
The sparse attendance didn’t bother them – fewer kids and adults to supervise on the slide.
The other big-ticket attraction was the pony rides.
Parents had to sign a waiver and put a helmet on their kids. Is the risk of falling greater than the risk of getting head lice?
The third big draw was the $1 hotdogs and pop. I guess WECA lost its sweetheart deal with Enbridge and somebody had to haul in a BBQ to grill the shopsies.
No word yet if Alex donated the dogs like last year. I don’t think he even showed up to pose with Rick. Maybe he was too busy moonlighting at the Bells Corners bike-unfriendly mega waste producer double-double drive-thru? Not as many tips as at the Cock/Bull, but enough to nicely supplement his meager $50K BIA executive director salary.
funday flyer
The pony people were at the Bayshore (Accora Village) Fun Day too, but with a petting zoo instead of a pony ride. If the cost is the same I think the petting zoo gives you more bang for the buck – I saw LOTS of delighted kid faces as they got up close to the strange animals.
The rides were WAY better at Bayshore, and there was a lot more to see and do.
Their community garden was awesome! This is the second year – the new boxes are this year’s addition in the former horseshoe pit beside the hockey rink.
$20 a year for a plot – first come, first-serve!
I was too busy giving rides on the bike-taxi to take a lot of photos.
Too bad – there was LOTS of interesting stuff to see.
This volunteer rode in from Jan Harder’s ward with the strapped-in pooch on the back.
There are THREE community gardens within walking distance of Bayshore, all of them quite successful.
If homeowners on big lots in Bells Corners would let local homeless people cultivate their lawns, we could kill three birds with one stone: dealing with the grubs, providing the free spirits with an alternate source of income, and increasing the supply of locally-grown fresh vegetables.

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3 Responses to fun & games weekend, part 3

  1. RoseAnne says:

    I have often contemplated putting in a vegetable garden, as I have very fond childhood memories of my Mom’s kitchen garden. But the truth is I SUCK at gardening. If somebody wanted to take a chunk of my lawn and turn it into a veggie garden I would be totally down with that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you sure you want to let strangers into your yard on an almost daily basis?

      – It would depend on how strange they were. And if they only cultivated my front yard I wouldn’t have to let them in – very few homes in Bells Corners have fenced-in front lawns.

      How to split the cost of soil and water?

      – Not many of us have anything other than a thin layer of topsoil on top of icky clay, so we’d have to divert most of the contents of our green bins to make the harvests bountiful. In dry summers we’d have to spend a bit on heavily taxed City water and a rain barrel or two. But the big cost would be labour, and the intinerant farmers would provide that for free.

      How to split the bounty?

      – However you want! I’d settle for a basket of fresh veggies and herbs every once in a while, since I’m not strapped for cash.

      I am sure there are literally loads of people wanting to do try it out.

      – You’re right, the idea probably won’t fly any time soon. Still, urban agriculture is becoming more and more common, and we may one day see it in Bells Corners – it’s already spread to our boundaries to the south. That Zellers parking lot could feed the entire population of Westcliffe. Doughnut and chip sales might be affected, but Tim Hortons and McDo have deep pockets, so let’s not feel sorry for them.

  2. wanderer says:

    I remember in the 80s and 90s there seemed to be a HUGE number of people attending Bells Corners community events. We back onto the park, and were always aware when something was happening.

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