fun & games weekend, part 2

In part 1 I questioned some of the false advertising utilized by certain allegedly ethically-challenged Westcliffe Estates Community Association executive members.
This prompted an angry response from a WECA kingpin, who insulted me and accused me of having my facts “all wrong” (without, however, saying which facts were wrong – not surprising, since there are no errors that I know of). The newly-appointed WECA treasurer hung up on me when I asked a simple question about something else that has come to my attention, but I hope to have the scoop on that fishy business soon.
The Bells Corners community-wide garage sale is on Saturday. Last year’s event was a bit of a bust – the weather wasn’t great and the two community associations made minimal efforts to publicize it. I don’t think the secretive semi-private Lynwood Village Community Association has done anything this year (beyond the fine print on a couple of paper posters on hydro poles and a message to Coffee & Company Facebook followers).

The LVCA ran a FANTASTIC event last year, but this year the fun was postponed due to lack of interest.
The new date is Sept. 14, but unless you-know-who fires up his one-man show and secures some public funding, it’ll probably be a low-key Coffee & Company semi-private event. I was hoping for a celebrity eating contest and a community eco-fair, but it looks like that’s not going to happen.
The 2009 Lynwood Park fun day was AMAZING and the 2010 version EVEN BETTER.
The weather looks good for Sunday’s WECA FUN DAY. Last year’s was great, even if it rained a good part of the time and attendance was sparse. You’ll have to pay the WECA $10 tax at this “free” event, but cans of pop are only a dollar!
Same for the donated hotdogs, which Alex paid for last year. There should be some great attractions. Even if the new rules have put some restrictions on how Rick uses his $250K-a-year slush fund, the illegitimate Rick-friendly community association has a bulging bank account and councillors will always find a way to reward his friends.
Phew! That’s a lot of venom packed into one post, but I’m tired of dealing with the fallout from Rick’s shenanigans. I’m not mad at anyone – I’d love to sit down with Rick over a tea to have a laugh like we used to. His bullying and unethical behaviour set the example for his cronies’ dirty tricks and launched my career as a blogger, but hey! Nobody’s perfect and I sincerely like and admire the guy in spite of everything!

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2 Responses to fun & games weekend, part 2

  1. Drew says:

    The “editorials” make this blog look like crap. You’ve got a good thing here, so why do you insist on shoving your MS paint attacks down our throats on every page?

    “MS paint attacks?” Sorry, no comprendo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Joke of the Day:

    Why did Rick Chiarelli cross the road?

    To recruit someone to run as a vote-splitter in the next municipal election!

    – Vote-splitting is a crucial part of Rick’s 2014 electoral strategy – it worked nicely for him in 2010 and 2006.

    In 2013 all his “opponents” withdrew at the very last second so that Rick could win by acclamation!

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