Bells Corners FREE bike-taxi transports royalty

I usually only pilot the bike-taxi in Bells Corners, but I made an exception and gave these people a ride downtown to their demonstration outside the mayor’s office.
The mood seemed jovial, even if they were protesting against mass murder, torture, rape and chemical warfare.
Is it because the new missiles obtained from Russia have temporarily given Bashar al-Assad and his wife the upper hand?
No, the demonstrators were happy because the weather was good, they were with Syrian friends and family, and basically life is good in Canada. Like all of us, they want peace in the Middle East.
Sometimes passing cars would honk to show their support, or shout curses out the window to indicate their disagreement – I guess that’s a reflection of the different religious origins of the Arab community in Ottawa. Arabic is the third most common mother tongue in the nation’s capital, after English and French.
My next passengers were also out of the ordinary – Dick Louch, the main organizer of the weekend’s hugely successful Capital Vélo Fest, and David Johnston, the Queen’s representative in Canada.
We went for a lengthy ride – the GG seemed to be enjoying himself, talking to the common people and municipal politicians (Watson, Egli, and Chernushenko) who wanted a word with arguably the most powerful person in Canada (if you don’t count the unstoppable Rob Ford).
His Excellency left on a bike, which I thought was pretty cool. Not alone, of course – he was accompanied by mounties, aides-de-camp, office employees and the missus – all of them on bikes!
I’m not a huge fan of governors general, ever since Michaëlle Jean saved Harper’s butt by proroguing Parliament, but the current appointee seems like a good egg with a sense of humour, someone I would consider voting for if he ran for office.
My other passengers were not as high-profile – the mayor, PeterD’s buddy the police chief, ordinary councillors, and just plain citizens.
I’d like to thank the HPVOoO pit crew and all of the good folk at Citizens for Safe Cycling.
I don’t recognize the legs in the middle, but that’s Paul on the left and Hans on the right.
CfSC is on Facebook too!

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2 Responses to Bells Corners FREE bike-taxi transports royalty

  1. wanderer says:

    I’m considering getting an adult tricycle – at least I wouldn’t fall and break a leg or arm.

    – Weird coincidence – my neighbour just donated one to me!

    She knew that I volunteered at Recyclore, so she just gave it to me – her knees are getting creaky and she wanted a good home for it. You may even know her, and I’m sure you’ve heard of her late hubby.

    It’s one of those trikes you see all over the place in the old folks retired snowbirds communities in Florida – nothing fancy but it does the job, with a large wire basket on the back in case you want to haul something. VERY stable and safe.

    My mom used to have one to cycle over to the clubhouse and the pool. She was spry enough to ride a regular bike, but the trike was more stable and comfortable, and she could always throw stuff in the basket if need be (cookies for bridge night, clothes for the rummage sale, etc.).

    Ah yes, life was good for my mom and my step-father in DeLand, Fla.

    UNTIL the tornadoes hit.

    You lose some, you win some, right?

    The blue trike in question has a HUGE wide comfortable seat, big enough to fit the fattest butt, not that this concerns you.

    I was going to donate it to Recyclore, but it’s a pain to transport and store, so it’s yours if you want it. It’s in pretty good shape, with new tires, etc. but it does need some work. I’m no bike mechanic, but I don’t think it needs too much TLC to make it road-worthy. I know a couple of good people in Bells Corners (experienced bike mechanics) who would give you a quote on making it safe and road-worthy, and tuning it up so it that it purrs like a kitten (because they love bikes). Basically they’ll work for peanuts (or even peanut shells).

    If you think that you MIGHT be interested in this vintage trike, I can post a photo here, with more detailed info. If you want the bike right away, just phone me. You could be cruising down the strip in style before the weekend!

    If anyone else is interested in this potentially awesome trike let me know, but wanderer has first crack at it.

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