Bells Corners quiz 6 (answers)

1. Why are these guys smiling? (answers tomorrow)
Prior to the game, they ALL thought that their team was going to win.
2. Where can you buy your family a cherry or atomic bomb?
at the Rexall
3. Why were bikini-clad Coyote dancers washing cars on the strip?
to raise funds for their project…
…and spice up Bells Corners!
4. These students from Baie-Comeau (remember Brian Mulroney?) are spending the weekend in Bells Corners. What are their impressions of our community?
They loved it! As part of their year-end celebrations the graduating class made the l-o-n-g bus ride from Baie-Comeau to spend the weekend in the National Capital. I was impressed with their English-language skills. Almost NO ONE speaks English in Baie-Comeau – how come our local immersion students are so much LESS functionally bilingual than these bleuets? Any anti-French CFRA/WECA bigots want to add their 1.5 cents worth?).
5. Are all Bosnians as friendly as this woman?
Maybe not. But the Bosnian-Canadians who rented the Lynwood Park community building for a an evening of wine, women and song were VERY upbeat about life in BC. And why not? Contrary to popular Randall-Denley beliefs, Bells Corners DOES NOT SUCK!).
6. Is this smart advertising?
Yes! Since the window painters were already there, to do Senators stuff, why not add a Dads’ Day come-on for an few extra bucks?
7. Can you get your blood tested while mini-putting?
No, the Putt Above is closed and Bio-test isn’t open yet. ECG’s? Apostrophe-s? Hope their lab skills are better than their language skills.
8. Where is this strange blue flag flying?
At Lynwood Park Lodge. It features a Saskatchewan Roughriders wheat sheaf, a blue trillium and other cryptic symbols. Very strange.
9. Who just scored?
A brief moment of ecstasy followed Colin Greening’s marker.
10. Will this guy get the last laugh?
No way! Sens in six.
11. Is this raccoon dead?
Yes. Trapped in this Bellwood abandoned eyesore.
12. Why do these teens like the Metro store?
It provides employment for teens and the boss is not a bad guy.
13. What were these guys doing in Bells Corners?
They’re Kanata residents celebrating their road-widening victory at the Brew Table.
14. House for sale – guess how much.

15. What’s the latest news on the Zellers?
Nothing. It’ll sit there empty for a long time.
16. Have these Chris Neil fans given up hope now that the Sens are down 2-0?
NO WAY! Sens in six.

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  1. hlrose says:

    Looking for a babysitter in Lynwood Village (off Sycamore) for Saturday mornings and one evening per week (Thursday 5:30-7:00 p.m.). Must have experience with small children and like to have fun! Large back yard at your disposal! Looking for a responsible and reliable high school student. Please email heather.rose@rogers for more information.

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