oil spill in Bells Corners

Just what we needed in Bells Corners – yet another oil spill!

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3 Responses to oil spill in Bells Corners

  1. ottawaowl says:

    LOTS of people were wondering what the heck was going on in Bells Corners today. Why was the strip closed down by police all day?

    Was it a REALLY bad accident? No one has been killed recently, but there have been a lot of close calls.

    Was it a visit from Stephen or Rusty Baird? Another terrorist attack on the Harper Government’s Fitzgerald offices? Time to change the tattered BIA banners? The rumours were flying fast and furious.

    Suburban sprawl commuters stewed in massive traffic jams, local businesses fumed at the lost business, worried residents googled away but could only find snippets of news on CBC.

    Since there was virtually nothing in the big media (a traffic jam in piddly Bells Corners is hardly newsworthy for the Citizen and Sun moguls) I decided to find out for myself.

    Based on interviews with eyewitnesses, here’s my best guess as to what happened. Maybe there’ll be something else in the papers tomorrow?

    Early this morning an eastbound truck driver was barreling down the Bells Corners strip past the McDo’s when he suddenly realized that something was horribly wrong – his brakes were missing in action! Maybe it was a slack mechanic’s fault, maybe it was just fate, but a couple of gallons of hydraulic brake fluid splashed all over the pavement as the huge rig careened down the strip. Thank god all 8 lights were green – how often does that happen?

    Swerving wildly to avoid Kanata commuters, cyclists, pedestrians and old ladies, the courageous truck driver finally got his rig under control near the beer store plaza.

    After Rick got on his batphone the authorities sprung into action.

    The cops sealed off the strip eastbound from Moodie to Northside – it was closed most of the day, causing local businesses and motorists to swear like troopers.

    Contractors were called in by Jim to clean up the mess – the final bill may hit six figures. Shopkeepers along the strip told me that the workers, dressed like Ghostbusters, just hosed the toxic spill into the catch basins (i.e. the Ottawa River), but I’m guessing they probably put down some sort of fancy sawdust to absorb the contaminant. Then they would truck the crap off to the same place they took the Vox toxic waste, maybe to Moose Creek?

  2. jen says:

    wow and I missed all of this?

    – Yup, but the businesses on the strip sure didn’t – it cost them a lot in missed sales, and some have talked about seeking compensation from the City or the BIA. Good luck with that!

    I still don’t REALLY know what happened – I couldn’t find anything in the big or small media.

    Did the truck’s brakes fail? Was the trucking company fined? Was the toxic crap just flushed into the catch basins? What exactly WAS the mystery substance that was slopped all over the strip? Was it slippery? How much did the cleanup cost the taxpayer? Who makes the decision to close her down?

    Personally I LIKE the idea of closing down the strip, at least for a few hours once a year for a parade. If it’s successful consider turning it into a permanent pedestrian mall – throw in a few benches, some potted plants, a few volleyball courts, some stuff for kids and seniors. It’d put Bells Corners on the map as Canada’s first car-free community!

  3. jen says:

    It’d be nice if we could put out some hanging baskets, etc. Instead we get to look at those tacky temporary signs. It really wouldn’t be that hard to pretty up this place.

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