Bells Corners quiz 5 (answers)

(answers tomorrow)
1. What’s the name of this road? (trick question)
It’s BOTH Moodie Drive and Old Richmond Road at the same time!
2. What do Jim and Rob Ford have in common?
Both like to talk on the phone while at the wheel of a fancy car. Ford likes to read the paper while driving; Jim parks illegally and cynically stifles democratic reform. Both, I’m guessing, like to pinch bums.

3. Why is this lumber stored in Lynwood Park?
It’s a sad reminder of yet another disappointing outdoor hockey season, the third in a row under LVCA stewardship.
4. Why are these chairs empty?
It’s another Rick Chiarelli secret pseudo-consultation.
5. Why are these Bell HS kids smiling?
Thanks to a hair-raising ride on the Bells Corners FREE bike-taxi they got to class on time and didn’t have to write lines.
6. Who are these people and why was their conversation so animated?
The lady was shaken up because she and her kids had come within a whisker of getting maimed in Bells Corners’ silliest intersection after a power surge put the lights in flashing red mode. The guy was agreeing with her – going too fast and not paying attention is a huge problem. After 30 years as a traffic engineer, he’s seen it all, and he’s sad that drivers are getting increasingly crazy – even cops directing traffic have to be on their toes to avoid getting picked off.
7. Where is this?
That’s Bells Corners PS on the right and the PhatBoy plaza on the left. It suck$ when your basement leaks and the foundation has to be repaired.
8. Where were you in ’92 when this Bells Corners landmark was built?
9. Where can you rent a bike in Bells Corners?
At the Bells Corners FREE Bike-share.
10. Do cops patrol on bikes in Bells Corners?
The last time I saw them was a couple of years ago – they were trying to clean up the shenanigans in Lynwood and Westcliffe parks.
11. When is the Bells Corners Fun & Games weekend?
The WECA Rick-subsidized event takes place on Sun. June 9, 11:00-2:00. The LVCA’s 2012 event was hugely successful, but it appears that no one on the Coffee & Company-dominated executive is interested in organizing one this summer – it’s a LOT of work and they have other fish to fry.
12. Is Rick a Russian spy?
Possibly – it would explain a lot of things. Here he poses with the Russian ambassador.
13. Is the Bells Corners DQ going to survive?
It’s not looking good so far. McDo’s and Tim Hortons are raking in the money hand over fist, but smaller chains and independents are feeling the pain. I’m betting that Star Fries does twice as much business as its rival across the strip.
14. Was this photo taken in Barry Donoghue Memorial Park?
No, but apparently the former Hillside Park will be getting some new play equipment for the students and seniors who like to hang out here.
15. Would this sign be legal in Bells Corners?
No! Only politicians get to put up signs for free – the bylaw police pounce on businesses who don’t cough up the extra tax.
16. Can you legally ride on Bells Corners sidewalks?
No! Even Rick’s colleague Mike Duffy wouldn’t try to get away with it.
Duffy, Brazeau and Steve chow down on beer, bacon and Snickers.

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One Response to Bells Corners quiz 5 (answers)

  1. Tracey says:

    Was the last picture taken in Bells Corners? If so, where? Just curious.

    – Sorry, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for the answer.

    Anybody get hail this morning?

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