“free” sports for privileged kids

If you’re a Bells Corners kid who likes sports you have several options.
You can just show up in Lynwood Park or Westcliffe Park – there’s always something going on. There’s no charge to watch, and you MIGHT even get to play!
Don’t count on it, though. The adults in charge won’t let you join in unless you come from the right hood.
ONLY Lynwood Village children are allowed to participate in Lynwood Park!
ONLY Westcliffe kids are permitted to join in at Westcliffe Park!
If you pass the residency test and the smell test, your parents must pay the hefty WECA tax and various other fees before you can play.
So what about the other Bells Corners kids who don’t live in either Westcliffe or Lynwood Village (even if you expand the boundaries to include Rick’s posh enclave)?
What about Bellwood kids, Arbeatha kids, Moodie Triangle kids and everyone else who has never even heard of our Bells Corners “community” associations?
What about those who aren’t WECA or LVCA insiders (or readers of this blog) and have no idea what’s going on in the community? At least SOME residents in Westcliffe get an error-filled self-serving newsletter – the current LVCA executive doesn’t believe in anything but Facebook and private emails for communication with the community. They whine that “delivering flyers costs a bit and takes a lot of effort” (the same cop-out the secretive Bells Corners tennis club uses).
What about those on limited incomes? Is it okay to ignore them?
Tough luck, kid! Stop your bawling. You’ll have to organize your own games or find something else to do, like just watching pro sports on tv, like these happy Leaf fans at the Brew Table last night.
There’s nothing wrong with watching others play, but participating in sports is a lot better. Too bad our Bells Corners kids aren’t better served by our illegitimate community associations, our ethically-challenged politicians and our overpaid City bureaucrats like Fremp, Dan and Greg.


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One Response to “free” sports for privileged kids

  1. Jessica says:

    I live on Moodie and inquired about signing up my child for a sport with Westcliffe and they had no problem with it at all except I had to pay $10 Westcliffe membership fee and then $5 a sport…..compared to anywhere else this is very, very cheap. They accept all kids in Bells Corners even one like mine who has special needs.

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