outSourcing Bells Corners jobs

After 39 years in the same spot in Bells Corners, Source/Radio Shack has packed it in – Sunday is the Grand Closing.
The employees won’t lose their jobs, as long as they’re willing to transfer to stores in the boonies, in less livable communities like Orléans, Barrhaven or Kanata.
It’s sort of sad they’re closing – longtime residents have been shopping there since 1974. The opening of the big box Staples was the start of the end, and Rick’s silly car-centric “master plan” did the rest.
But not everyone has given up on Bells Corners – two new businesses have already sprung up to replace the Studio 90 midnight movers.
Best wishes to our two newest businesses: Capital Nutrition and Three Bags Full family consignment store.
The sign’s pretty basic, and the concrete anchoring blocks aren’t too classy, but a simple temporary sign like this can cost around $300 a month once you’ve paid the sign company, the bylaw officer and Mr. 3%. Outskirts must be paying way more for their upscale sign. Businesses could save money and generate local employment by using scantily-clad sign guys and gals instead. There are lots of desperate people willing to wave a sign for ten bucks an hour.
Bells Corners now has three interesting consignment stores in close proximity, with a Salvation Army store nearby. Too bad the Goodwill went belly up.
Apparently they don’t consider themselves competitors and send customers to each other.
Bella has women’s clothes on one side and general stuff on the other.
Is Rick going to be shopping locally at Capital Nutrition? Here’s he’s pictured with some heavy buddies from the National Capital Heavy Construction “lobbying group” captained by the annoying Dale. They presented Rick with a hard hat for his collection.
Does Capital Nutrition have to make a contribution to the Vote-for-Rick! war chest before he’ll shop there? Do they have to get a drive-thru installed first?

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8 Responses to outSourcing Bells Corners jobs

  1. margaret says:

    the face of BC is certainly changing – and very fast these days ….

    remember getting our first DIY audio kit from this Radio Shack … that was a looooong time ago

    another comment
    please …. when you’re on a topic, wish you wouldn’t put pix of something that isn’t factually related to the topic … very confusing to see a street scene or a face or something and wonder where or who it is in relation to the topic
    not so bad on this page but sometimes it’s really a mixture of graphics from ‘elsewhere’ that might have some relationship when you’re posting but to the outsider …. nothing

    anything that isn’t the real thing .. again not just this page but others … was the outside of radio shack the real thing … if pics are there as a sample say so … like when there’s been mention of crime, and you put in something that is obviously fake

    – The first photo is the Bells Corners Radio Shack store. I would have liked to have an inside picture with one of the employees, but I can’t do that without everyone’s permission. The employee was glad to talk to me about the closure (“business has been going steadily downhill, especially the past few years, and since we already have stores in Kanata and Bayshore and this place is so small…”) but he isn’t allowed to let anyone take photos inside the store.

    So the interior Radio Shack shot is a “fake” or a “stock photo.” But it sure looks familiar, no? It’s a pretty accurate representation of the inside of our now-closed shack.

    The third photo is one of the first Radio Shacks in the States. They sure had a winning formula – their brand spread all the way north to Bells Corners and survived for 39 years!

    All the other photos are taken in Bells Corners, except for the last three (Rick at the Heavy Boys convention, Rick and Bob Chiarelli at Algonquin, Lisa at the helm of a grader).

    Someone might have assumed that the interior Radio Shack was local, but I don’t think anyone assumed that the last three photos were taken in Bells Corners. The comments were just my feeble attempt at satire, but the photos were genuine, taken at the National Capital Heavy Construction Association‘s “annual general management meeting” (Apr. 10 at the Centurion Centre near the airport).

    Tickets were $125 each and the taxpayer will no doubt foot the bill. Jim was there, Doug Thompson, and probably most of the other councillors except for David, Diane and maybe Steven.

    And then these same politicians accept campaign contributions from the members of the association, either as individuals or as businesses? Is that how it works?

    Isn’t this relationship much too cozy? It’s NOT ALLOWED at the provincial or federals levels.

    The argument against banning corporate donations to politicians (“it won’t stop the practice, it’ll just push it further underground”) seems pretty feeble to me.

    As for the obscure reference to Dale – he’s the NCHCA’s “clents relations” specialist who showed up at the infamous 2010 all-candidates meeting in Lynwood Park. He gave an impassioned speech on the virtues of investment in roads but wasn’t well received by the crowd and left in a huff.

    Sure, I have a point of view and I spin things, just like the politicians do, just like the media does, just like the Don Draper admen do, just like everyone does.

    And sometimes things I write aren’t literally true. For example the NCHCA didn’t really present Rick with a hard hat, and I’m sure he doesn’t have a collection at home.

    If anyone thought this to be true I apologize for any harm I may have caused.

    Maybe I should add a disclaimer to the about page – “this blog is for entertainment and local news only. The views expressed are entirely my own (except for the views expressed by someone else). The photos may be faked; have fun guessing which.”

    I could also say that “this blog is factual – please let me know if anything is incorrect and I will swiftly correct it with an apology if appropriate.”

    The Radio Shack theme and the Heavy Boys theme are only peripherally related, but I try to have a variety of content in a post, and don’t mind wandering a bit off topic – there are hundreds of viewers every day and they’re not all interested in the same thing. I don’t even know who the vast majority of them are, or what they’re interested in. So I just have to guess. The number of page views keeps climbing, so we must be doing something right.

    The Radio Shack closure was a tip from a reader, so thanks for that. Lots of the good posts on this blog have been thanks to suggestions or tips.

  2. Joe Kewley says:

    It would of been nice if you only mentioned the closure of The Source and not ramble on slagging off Ricky boy. I would like to know more about BC and not just bashing Ricky boy EVERY TIME.

    – First of all, I don’t “bash” Coun. Chiarelli EVERY TIME, only when he deserves it.

    I’m not sure what “slagging off” means, but I think that all my criticisms of the councillor’s behaviour are fact-based and NEVER descend to the level of personal comments. For example, I would never call him “Ricky boy” like you do – it just seems rude.

    Do you have any other requests or comments? I get it that you don’t like to read criticisms of “Ricky boy” – what do you like?

  3. H. says:

    Capital Nutrition and Three Bags Full are closed as of May 27, 2013 and will be re-opening as the Salon! They were open, what, less than a month?

  4. ottawaowl says:

    Capital Nutrition is doing very well and is still open. Three Bags Full is converting back to a hair salon because of a legal issue. I’ll probably get my next haircut there – it’s a nice place with all new fixtures and a friendly owner.

  5. TonyL1 says:

    Quite a few of the many businesses that have fallen are still alive and well on the BC BIA page: Zellers, Second Cup, The Source, Artyson, M&M Meats, Curves, etc….

  6. undecided says:

    If you want to put people out of work, and make BIG profits, you have to go to India and pay them 25 cents/hour.

  7. guest says:

    What happened to the Second Cup? And since I’m here, why did the DQ close?

    – I’m guessing that the people who recently bought the Second Cup franchise got SCREWED and had to close it because of fierce competition from the big chains. They should have done their homework. Tim Hortons and McDo have VERY big swinging appendages, no?

    The BC DQ closed because of gross mismanagement – the teens were in charge! The new owners are WAY more competent.

  8. guest says:

    thanks for answering me

    – Thanks for commenting. I’m hoping that this pathetic blog can one day become an authentic community something-or-other where all views are welcome and something positive gets done. So, if you want to be able to contribute your thoughts WITHOUT me moderating/editing just tell me, and I’ll assign you “special privileges” – frankly, it’s time!

    Maybe you have to have a wordpress account if you don’t want to see any ads, but I can’t see any downside to getting one – it’s free.

    If anyone wants COMPLETE CONTROL over this blog (the master password) or partial control or other privileges (uploading files, no moderation, etc.) just let me know.

    Corrupt politicians, Rick-friendly bureaucrats, Coffee & Company bigwigs, local ethically-challenged community association wannabe politicians – prière de vous abstenir.

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