Hockey Day in Nepean

Outdoor rinks were busy in Bells Corners.
Many people congratulated the icemakers at Westcliffe for doing such a great job with the rinks after the heavy snowfall the night before.
The councillor jumped on the bandwagon, getting a photo op and a chance to schmooze a bit with his clique and buy his employees breakfast. No word yet if the taxpayer will be footing the breakfast bill for Rick and his “assistant”. It looks like Rick will soon no longer be able to hand over tax dollars to his community association buddies – Jim is cracking the whip on the councillors’ abuse of the quarter-million-a-year office budgets (but not his own, of course).
An EMC editorial applauded the mayor, questioning “the equity of an arbitrary system that invites unfair distribution of funds and the use of public money to in effect campaign for re-election. The obvious impression is that the receiver of the money owes the sender gratitude, which they may choose to repay in the form of support during the next election.
Rick tweeted it as the Westcliffe Pancake & Fun Day even though the WECA community association had branded it as the Westcliffe Carnival (he has a penchant for changing names without consulting anyone except the back room boys). I would have called it the Westcliffe Hockey Day Breakfast in the interests of truth in advertising – it seems a bit of a stretch to call it a fun day or a carnival.
At $5 a plate (coffee, juice, butter and syrup were also included), served up piping hot by the friendly kitchen workers, it was good value.
It was a great weekend for all outdoor sports in Bells Corners – hockey, skiing, hiking, tobogganing, snowshoeing and even cycling.
The Bruce Pit was packed with revellers, as was the nearby leash-free area.
We skied from the Bell Forest to Westcliffe on the NCC trails in a leisurely couple of hours – lots of wildlife to admire.
The trails are very well marked and looked after, so it’s impossible to get lost – every circle on the map below has an excellent wayfinding sign like this one.
The yellow lines are proposed trails.
Easy access to the Greenbelt trials is one of the many reasons why Bells Corners is such a great place to live.

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One Response to Hockey Day in Nepean

  1. ottawaowl says:

    Here’s the City’s take on Hockey Day in Canada:

    THE SUN Hockey Day in Ottawa 2013
    5th Annual THE SUN Hockey Day in Ottawa

    Hockey. It’s our game. Every winter, children across the region gather at frozen ponds and rinks to play a little pick-up shinny or organized games while volunteers maintain our outdoor rinks (editor’s note: most maintenance is done by contractors or paid residents, not volunteers). On Feb. 10-12, communities across the city and the Ottawa Valley will celebrate Canada’s national sport.

    On Saturday, February 9, lace up your skates and take to one of the City’s outdoor rinks for a sunny Saturday afternoon of fun. Enjoy a game of pick-up hockey, skating, and physical fitness while showing support for your community volunteers who work hard all winter to maintain your local rinks.

    Date: Saturday, February 9, 2013

    Time: 1 to 3 p.m.

    Location: Your local City of Ottawa outdoor rink

    The City would like to remind residents to dress appropriately for the weather and strongly recommends the use of helmets and applicable safety equipment.

    Come on Ottawa, let’s show the rest of Canada what a city that lives and breathes hockey really looks like!

    I like this grassroots initiative. Maybe next year the rinks in Bells Corners can collaborate with them? Is there a Bells Corners team willing to challenge the winners of this year’s ward 9 tournament to a home-and-home Nepean Championship?

    Long live free community outdoor rinks as an antidote to the madness of organized hockey.

    ODR in Glen Cairn

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