Zellers goes down hard

Still no news on what happens to Zellers after it closes on St. Patrick’s Day.
Probably nothing, another sad day for Bells Corners and those few residents and business owners who still believe in Rick and Alex’s master plan.
I’m sure many of you have noticed the Zellers sign-waving crew at work in Bells Corners and elsewhere in Ottawa. Their mission is to stand on street corners and WAVE their signs, which is obviously way more effective than a stationary sign.
Cheap too! You just have to find someone willing to spend an eight-hour shift waving a heavy piece of lumber and looking a tad dorky for $10 an hour – a piece of cake, as times are tough for many people. No extra taxes for Zellers to pay either. In theory everyone advertising or branding the strip has to pay for the privilege, including all businesses (only politicians, BIAs and not-for-profit community groups are exempt) but in reality many don’t pay.
Standing at a busy intersection, waving a heavy piece of lumber, inhaling noxious fumes, freezing your butt off – not everyone’s idea of a dream job, but the cheerful guy from Vanier wasn’t complaining. He told me that it wasn’t his first stint in Bells Corners, as he used to work at the booming McDo’s.
I asked him how he enjoyed his eight hours standing at the controversial Robertson/Moodie intersection. Pretty uneventful, he said, the frigid temperatures and howling winds reduced the number of pedestrians to just a handful.
There were just two exciting near-misses in the intersection to break up the monotony. His only human interaction (before I came along at the end of his shift) was a young couple on foot who talked to him on the way to Subway and dropped off a cookie on the way back. A few people in cars waved. He’s hoping to get more work soon, maybe at a different intersection in Bells Corners for variety. He vowed to bring some gloves next time.
Look at Rick’s top three electoral promises to Bells Corners residents (underlined):
– deal with the temporary sign issue (fail)
– “bring the neighbourhood together” on a “new planning focus” to fight drive-thru issues and the number of failed businesses on the strip (fail)
skateboard park (fail)
No mention of Lloyd Francis Boulevard!

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4 Responses to Zellers goes down hard

  1. spiff says:

    Who cares about what goes in the Zeller’s lot!
    A lot of people will be UNEMPLOYED. That’s more important!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought a condo here last year but will be selling it in the near future. I am embarrassed to tell people I live in Bells Corners. The truth is that it’s a dump.

    – Judging by the poll results most people seem to be fairly happy to live here.

  3. Trevor says:

    I always felt bad for the sign guys for many reasons.

    It seems wrong to me to employ people in such a way. I know that many would argue that at least he had work for the day, but I can’t help think that it is dehumanizing to the person, and cruel.

    How could they send someone out in the cold to hold a sign up all day with out any gloves?

    • margaret says:

      agree – it’s not the kind of job I would want to do, but it is employment
      same as the road ploughers and hydro maintenance people
      and school crossing guards that are out in the winter

      but -25C
      and he didn’t take gloves for an outside job ??
      come on – he’s not a kid
      don’t blame the company who hired him

      so zellers is no more …. thought there’d be a big fanfare for the last one in the city

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