FREE winter FUN – carnival coming

Winter cyclists aren’t a rare sight in Bells Corners, but rarely do you see so many in one spot. They gathered last Sunday at the new Timmy’s, where the Hooters used to sit.
Local outdoor rinks were busy on the cold but sunny weekend. Lakeview had a bonspiel.
Lynwood Park’s puddle rink will be THE place to hang out Mon. Feb. 18 (Family Day) if you like free community fun, pancakes and chili (and MUCH more!).
PERFECT conditions at Westcliffe!
The rain and mild temperatures will play havoc with our outdoor rinks, but Westcliffe and Lakeview have very thick coats of ice and should bounce back quickly.
If you need to get your skates sharpened see this guy at Canadian Tire – he has a steady hand, a good eye and a fabulous machine manufactured right here in Canada.
full or part-time
This guy said it’s been one of the coldest winters ever in the forty years he’s been living in Bells Corners.
new gates at FreshCo
more new gates – a sign of the times?
Lynwood Manor
Google 2064 Robertson and you get this:
Thanks, Rick!
$875 for a one-bedroom, $975 for two bedrooms; parking, heat and hydro included

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4 Responses to FREE winter FUN – carnival coming

  1. margaret says:

    think the crossing guard forgets just how cold winters used to be …. and how long too

  2. wanderer says:

    I agree with Margaret about how cold the winters used to be.

    Also, wayfinding was supposed to be so much much easier with the change in road names and addresses.

    Putting the the dry cleaners where you turn left off Baseline Road isn’t helping. I hope the owners hit the roof and nail RC. All the kerfuffle, fighting, nastiness, etc. to change the name of Richmond to Robertson, and it’s clearly screwed up royally! Way to go RC!

    – It’s not just Googlemaps that is confused. Lots of Bells Corners strip businesses, especially restaurants, still use the old addresses on business cards, menus, even big signs on the strip (like Mort’s, one of the biggest offenders).

    • margaret says:

      I’m not surprised that some have not bothered with changing the numbers
      and you’ll always get Google confused

      but golly gee … look what the BIA has on its web page:

      Address – 150 Robertson Road!
      bia website
      and google has 150 Robertson where the new Timmies is !!!!!

      – Pretty funny stuff!

      • margaret says:

        googlemaps still has Richmond Road listed …. so maybe we’ll go back to how it was before
        and like the old ‘Dallas’ soap when Bobby died, wake up and find the past year was only a dream

        another dream was the promise that we, the community, were to be consulted in 2012 to work on a new vision for BC … I’m still waiting … has anyone heard anything ?

        – “Community consultation” in Bells Corners only takes place in back rooms when Rick huddles with his buddies to decide who gets a cut of our taxes. A private conversation between Rick and Bill, or between Rick and one of his wealthy corporate financial backers, is NOT community consultation.

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