Bells Corners 2012 top news (part 11)

Top October 2012 Bells Corners news stories
scared sh**less on Halloween
Not too many trick-or-treaters in my neck of the woods – Lynwood Village is top-heavy in old farts like me (26.2% of the residents).
speed limit for couches
The population of Bells Corners has gone DOWN in the past five years – Westcliffe lost 1.4% of its residents, Lynwood 5.3%.
What language parlez-vous?
Guess which languages are most popular in Bells Corners (after English and French).
Timmys to sell shawarma
These guys aren’t afraid of a little competition across the street.
police mum on takedown
You’ll never guess what they found in the trunk.
Bells Corners Eco-fair – wow! part 1, part 2
A VERY good time was had by all – this year’s event was even more spectacular than last year’s.
liquid gym
One more reason why Bells Corners is a great place to live – we’ll soon have the only liquid gym in Ottawa.
who stole the signs?
If it wasn’t one of these guys it was probably a disgruntled Lynwood Park Retirement Lodge resident.
illegitimate community associations (part 2)
Rick preaches to the converted and gives slippery answers.
the buzz builds
New signs are springing up all over Bells Corners.
the hottest place
Welcome to Bells Corners’ newest restaurant.
An outrageous rampage nets a vandal a slap on the wrist.
it’s coming!
Bells Corners celebrities go gaga.
boutique-inspired condo living at Gow’s
Does “boutique-inspired” mean hoity-toity and cramped?
illegitimate community associations, part 3
Lisa and Pierre were supposed to show, but they couldn’t find their way to Bells Corners from Barrhaven.

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