Bells Corners 2012 top news (part 9)

Top August 2012 Bells Corners news stories
crime in Bells Corners
Arrest of Giant Tiger mascot ends crime spree.
too many politicians
As a result of gerrymandering Bells Corners will vote in a new riding and the taxpayer has to pay for even more politicians – 30 more of them will be at the trough on Parliament Hill.
house for sale – cheap?
Guess how much this Lynwood Village split-level is worth. Do you recognize the famous guy?
BC has it all, from brake jobs to hand jobs
A former BCPS custodian hit the jackpot.
Bells Corners briefs
Climbing the mountain of toxic sludge.
Bells Corners blogger threatened
No, no, no – it’s ain’t me, babe. Truth is stranger than fiction.
Rick rides to the rescue in Stony Swamp
A few boxes of taxpayer-funded pizza save Bells Corners from total destruction.
get the lead out (dirt piles up)
Maybe we’d be better off not knowing about stuff like this?
and the winner is…
Which newspaper is most popular in Bells Corners?
gunmen rob Salvation Army
Anybody recognize this guy? He was last seen fleeing along the train tracks towards the heads-are-going-to-roll bridge.
Rick is losing it
What explains the multiple blunders?
strip mess
Guess who’s going to end up paying?
illegal dumping in Stillwater Creek
RIP Yoshi
Picture clipping
Speeding traffic claims another victim.
graffiti mural
The Ottawa Sun got the numbers all wrong.
bomb threat chases taxman
I still can’t figure out why this story was censored by the big media. Very strange.

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