Bells Corners 2012 top news (part 5)

Top April 2012 Bells Corners news stories
tennis anyone?
Is the Bells Corners tennis club public or private? A simple answer would be that it’s a public taxpayer-funded club run by a small clique as if it were a private club.
cash on the barrel
The United Church raised funds and helped the environment.
restaurant crashes and burns
Another entrepreneur’s dreams are crushed.
Loblaws screwed?
Their garden centre couldn’t open on time because of a screw-up.
meals on wheels
It IS possible to live on your bike, but would someone residing in Bells Corners want to?
Did you get your community newsletter?wnewsletter
The Lynwood Village Community Association hasn’t put out one in years. The Westcliffe Estates Community Association newsletter contained several serious errors designed to trick residents into coughing up their ten bucks.
The getaway driver involved in the gas bar robbery was found guilty.
million dollar homes
Is real estate in Bells Corners a good buy?
body found in Stony Swamp
The April Stittsville tragedy ends in Bells Corners.
Rick’s free lunches
When Rick has lunch the taxpayer often pays. How can you spend $28 for lunch at the Chances R restaurant? It can’t be because he left a big tip (a couple of servers in Bells Corners told me he’s a lousy tipper) and journalists aren’t supposed to let politicians buy them lunch.
RIP Putt Above
There were 17 boarded-up businesses on the strip when Rick hatched his plan – now it’s twice as bad.
mystery news
Who makes the best fries in Bells Corners? Where is the most dangerous spot to drive? Why was Justin Trudeau at a Bells Corners Tim Hortons?
vandals run amok
Apparently they caught one of the guys and he spent a few months in the slammer.
April fools
Rick climbed into the ring to punch out a political opponent.

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