a “big win” for Rick?

Finally, some good news for Bells Corners! Not only are the outdoor rinks in better shape than last year thanks to Doug, Allan and Peter – a couple of new businesses are opening up on our shabby strip!
Meet Zu, the latest entrepreneur to take a chance on Bells Corners. Usually I’m too cheap to get my hair “styled” instead of opting for a cheap shearing, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to drop twenty bucks in Zu’s very attractive shop in Mirsky’s mall near the Bohemiam Kitchen.
I don’t regret it for a second – Zu is charming, witty, wise, and also one hell of a skilled haircutter. As soon as I walked out of the shop two or three panting women fell upon me and started ripping off my clothes, as Zu had predicted. Sure, he may make it a bit harder for the many other Bells Corners tonsors who want to cut or style your hair, but he has an established clientèle from all over the city who will make a special trip to BC to let Zu and his staff work their magic. Hopefully they’ll drop some cash at other businesses while they’re here. At first I thought Zu was BSing me about drawing loyal customers from Orleans to Stittsville to our neck of the woods, but the charming woman sitting beside me was from Kanata, and she told me that Zu was the only reason she was in Bells Corners.
There’s an attractive new ceramic floor and updated furniture in the DQ, and there’s a nice place by the window where you can eat your cool treats/hot eats and watch the passing parade on the strip. The place was deserted when I was in at lunch, but things will pick up once the word gets out.
Before the last election Rick counted the empty businesses on the strip and vowed to do something about it as one of his two electoral promises for Bells Corners (the other one was getting us a skateboard park). He set up the BIA by nefarious means and imposed the dreaded Chiarelli tax levy, making it even more expensive to do business in Bells Corners.
Three years later the situation in Bells Corners is far worse – there are even more boarded-up businesses. Rick would have been quick to claim the credit if his cock-eyed plan had worked and things had improved – will he also accept the blame now that things have gone downhill? Fat chance – every time a business owner like Zu takes a chance on Bells Corners Rick trumpets it as a “big win” for the BIA.
Such hypocrisy! If brave entrepreneurs take a chance on Bells Corners, it is NOT because of Rick. The reopening of the Dairy Queen has nothing to do with the BIA or Rick, and it’s dishonest for Rick to congratulate himself for it.
While I’m plugging local businesses let me recommend nice-guy Mark and Active Green and Ross in Westcliffe.
It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Adrian, but I can wholeheartedly recommended the new local ownership at AGR – friendly, competent, honest and no BS, unlike certain other garages in Bells Corners.
While I was at AGR I dropped into Living Lighting next door, my first visit in about 20 years. It’s no accident that they’ve been in Bells Corners forever – they offer an excellent product at fair prices. I was especially impressed by the young lad who served me (I think his name was Johnny).
Soon you’ll be able to get your specimens tested right here in Bells Corners – Bio-test is moving into the former Putt Above in the Pizza Hut plaza. All the putting stuff is gone (to the landfill?) and the transformation is under way.
Apparently the Bio-test people already own the plaza, so they’ll probably give themselves a break on the rent. They had an opportunity to rent the Pizza Hut space to some shawarma people for around $10,000 a month but they decided to leave it empty to get the maximum tax write-off.
Sigh. Bells Corners is such a wonderful place with such great potential. But we need honest leaders who aren’t primarily interested in tooting their own horns and enriching themselves at the community’s expense. Rick, Bill, Jordan, Jen and Lida, are you listening?

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One Response to a “big win” for Rick?

  1. wanderer says:

    Glad to hear about some new businesses in BC, but awfully surprised at the prices.

    At $10,000 a month for the Pizza Hut space, one can not be surprised that a lot of small businesses can’t afford to settle here. Is it DND moving to the old Nortel building that is making speculators out of so many ‘normal’ business people?

    Greed sure has a way of destroying otherwise ordinary people, and that’s a shame.

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