Bells Corners 2012 top news (part 2)

Before I list some of the top stories from January 2012, here are a few 2013 photos:
Some people LOVE winter.
Westcliffe rink was in great shape.
Lots of community members are helping out.
The Lynwood rinks were in decent shape too – a huge improvement from the last two years.
The snowblower emerged from the bunker for the first time in three years. The local students operating it did a great job, aided by parent volunteers and a few hockey players.
The building is open Mon.-Fri. 6-9 p.m. and weekends 12-7:30. Use the back entrance.
The rink operators are supposed to keep an hourly count of the number of skaters who used the facilities- the Lakeview rinks routinely draw many hundreds of visitors per day (as you can see from this photo taken Saturday) while the Bells Corners rinks are often deserted. Now that the ice is good our next challenge is spreading the word about how great our community rinks are.
Top January 2012 Bells Corners news stories
Politicians infiltrate community associations
At least two Rick political aides (Jordan and Jay) work undercover in local community associations.
Crappy winter weather – pedestrian blues
Cars rule in Bells Corners but walkers keep a stiff upper lip.
A heavy blow to the ice
Devastating winter thaw came at the worst possible time, wiping out the canal during All-Star Weekend.
Timbits and Swiss Chalet
Mayor Jim, Rick and other career politicians called hypocritical “pigs at the trough.”
Police sued for shooting Lynwood Manor dogs
Dogs killed after a 14-hour standoff.
17-year-old pedestrian hit on the strip
Most dangerous spot on Lloyd Francis Boulevard claims yet another victim.
World’s most amazing puddle rink!
Community curling story goes viral.
School choice in Bells Corners
Bitter battle for 4 and 5-year-olds rages between schools.
Bank heist on the strip
No shortage of crime in Bells Corners!
No more all-you-can-eat pig-outs
Gow’s sudden closure stuns community.

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