shop locally (caption contest)

Too lazy to do a proper post at the moment. Anybody want to help? Just send me your caption suggestions and I’ll add them tomorrow. There could be prizes.
Mail Attachment
All she wants for Xmas is good ice and some pants. (Okay, so a caption contest was a dumb idea – this is the only entry I got.)
This friendly guy has some beautiful trees for sale at the Canadian Tire.
recycloreopen3 is open this weekend noon to 5:00.
Someone told me that the tourtières at the Bohemian Kitchen are scrumptious.
These guys were burying the power line to the traffic lights, so there will be one less hanging wire along the strip.
Postal workers, especially the carriers, aren’t happy with the HUGE changes coming down the pipe. It hasn’t affected Bells Corners yet but our turn will come soon.
Bears are quite common in the streets of Lynwood Village but you don’t often see a giraffe.
The strip is famous for its garish temporary signs.
Lots of pedestrians try to enter the new Timmys from the sidewalk but they all fail – the builder forgot the door handle.
The best place to get your hair cut in Westcliffe and possibly in all of Canada.
The festive cakes at Louise’s Belgian Chocolates in the Westcliffe plaza are amazing!
The Indian Superstore in the same plaza now sells delicious products made fresh right here in Bells Corners.
Zellers will be officially closed next St. Patrick’s Day. Nobody seems interested in leasing it, so Loblaws is thinking about opening a drive-in in the gigantic asphalt meadow to compete with all the drive-thrus.
The king of Britannia has been deposed – somebody ripped down the gigantic mural at the corner of Britannia and Howe.
One of the last businesses on the strip to change its sign – many business owners are still furious at Rick and Alex for the renaming fiasco.

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One Response to shop locally (caption contest)

  1. margaret says:

    Timmy’s door … I noticed that the other day – people trying to get in
    what! no sign ??

    sidewalk to and from …. nowhere !!
    it certainly is drive-through haven

    can’t wait for the drive-in …. theatre !!!!!
    for some reason it never interested me when I first came here
    but then I was already married and didn’t need a back seat 🙂
    but now they’re gone – I’d like to experience it … just once

    hockey …. sens-ation …
    from chills to frills
    Bells Corners has it all !!
    nearly as good as the banners

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