fact or fiction? part 2

Time to update some of the rumours I launched in part 1 and start some new ones.

rumour #1 – The whoopsies B&E artist caught on home video has been nabbed99% confirmed.

I called the Bells Corners community police officer at 236-1222, ext. 2179 for confirmation. She hasn’t got back to me yet, but I have another good source, so you can take this one to the bank. Let’s hope neighbourhood crime goes down as a result – here’s reported November crime (click to enlarge):

example of how more than one crime at the same location is shown on the crime map

You can email our community police officer for info on keeping your home safe, Neighbourhood Watch, etc. The Bells Corners neighbourhood police station closed about 7 years ago, so she’s based in the Greenbank station.

rumour #2 – Bells Corners outdoor rink contracts have been signed – confirmed.
Crystal Beach resident Grant and his son will be looking after Lynwood and Doug is chomping at the bit to get Westcliffe up and running. Both contracts (Lynwood $4700, Westcliffe $4200) include full supervision with access to changerooms and other community facilities.


rumour #3 – Suncor has finished cleaning up most of the contaminated toxic soil at the Vox site and will be selling the site to a local multimillionaire who already owns two Bells Corners hotels – NOT confirmed.
The tarsands people at Suncor haven’t got back to me, so more sleuthing is required.


rumour #4 – A residents’ rebellion is brewing near the Gow’s Towers boutique-inspired condosconfirmed.

Many are not happy with the prospect of Bells Corners’ most dangerous intersection becoming even more chaotic.
They’re organizing to give Rick and the local developer a rough ride. The Dec. 5 public meeting in Centrepointe is just to give the green light to the developer to override the by-laws and reduce setbacks on the front, back and side of the property (thereby reducing greenspace). The real battle will come when they try to change the zoning they try to get the site plan approved – in theory the community has to be consulted.

In reality the big money boys and the political allies they finance will do whatever they want.


rumour #5 – The multimillion dollar BIG changes coming to the Moodie/Robertson intersection will benefit motorists, cyclists and pedestrians – NOT confirmed.

Don’t believe the $300,000 figure for the “improvements” – that’s just the cost of the design plans. Another $2M will be spent next year to benefit Senators’ fans, strip bar owners, Rick’s buddies, DND brass and Kanata/Stittsville suburban-sprawl cut-through traffic.

Don’t be deceived – “bike-lanes” and sidewalks are included, but the end result will be an intersection that’s even more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.

The sidewalks-to-nowhere will still lead to nowhere.

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4 Responses to fact or fiction? part 2

  1. ottawaowl says:

    A fire broke out in a home on Hadley Court around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday. A woman, her 3 children and 5 other kids she was babysitting were in the home at the time the fire began. Firefighters say one of the children left a pot on the stove. When she returned, the pot had caught fire. Firefighters had the blaze under control in 15 minutes. There were no injuries. The blaze caused damages of $49,000.

  2. margaret says:

    rumour 4 – northside
    why do they ever even think of reduced parking … 22 units – surely they need at least 1 per unit and a number of extras for visitors … where else is there to park … and why all the reduced setbacks – the setbacks are there for a reason – but every time something comes in it gets a site-specific zoning ….

    this type of construction would be good on the main drag – that’s were we could do with more residences – can’t imagine wanting to locate on this spot with its various ‘killer’ roadways … unless they’re planning to completely redo that intersection including the robertson/richmond alignment

    rumour 5 – robertson/moodie intersection
    think you can start a new rumour – that this will become the killer corners of bells corners
    why all the extra turn lanes ? no idea
    keep your turn lanes and give the community sidewalks from one end to the other
    this is going to create more drive through

    wonder when we get the community session to look at these plans ?
    dream on … never never land

  3. Anonymous says:

    I spoke to an Ottawa Police officer who tells me that (name withheld) is NOT in fact in jail. There is a warrant out for his arrest and, as of yesterday, he has not been caught.

    Police are on the lookout and are watching a house on Seyton and a house on Sonnet… if anyone knows anything they should contact the Ottawa Police.

  4. Alfonso says:

    Suncor just wants the MONEY!

    As for the condo to be built at Gow’s – it’s a load of rubbish.

    There is always a lineup to turn left at the Metro.

    All we need are more people and more traffic at that intersection.

    Besides, those condos are for richies only.

    Don’t be fooled – it’s a done deal and there will be NO public consultations – it’s the MONEY, honey!

    Bikes, and cars don’t mix, and when they do some gets injured or killed!

    Bullfeathers to the intersection!

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