fact or fiction?

There are a lot of rumours swirling around Bells Corners these days. Anyone know if they’re true? Comment anonymously if you want.

rumour #1 They caught a serial thief and he’s currently languishing in prison.

rumour #2 The Lynwood Park rink contract has been awarded to Crystal Beach residents Grant and his son, who have a l-o-n-g and honorable history of looking after the outdoor rinks in Maki Park.

If they sign the ice maintenance and supervision contracts they’ll have $4700 to work with, and hopefully some of this money will trickle down to local youths eager to earn some cash while working hard to make the Lynwood rinks once again a source of community pride after two years of LVCA bungling.
three years ago
last year

The ideal situation is to have an outdoor rink operation run by local community people, but Grant and his son are experienced local heroes, so this rumour, if true, is excellent news for Bells Corners.

rumour #3 Suncor has finished cleaning up most of the contaminated toxic soil at the Vox site.

Suncor will be selling the site to a local multimillionaire who already owns two Bells Corners landmarks.

The manager occupies a key position on the maligned Bells Corners BIA.

I’ll be featuring more juicy rumours in my next post, so email me or comment if you want your rumour included.

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4 Responses to fact or fiction?

  1. Jayme says:

    What are the rumors for the Vox land?

    – Suncor sells it to a local rich guy who owns the Best Western and the Days Inn, and he announces his intention to throw up another beauty like the Holiday Inn. Rick will try to take credit for it, but other career politicians will attempt to elbow him off the podium at the announcement. Even Jim, Lisa and Pierre will want to be wield a shovel at the ceremonial photo op.

    • wanderer says:

      Any hints as to the name of the local rich guy?

      – It’s only a rumour, but I’ve heard that the very wealthy family that owns the Worst West and the Dazed Inn might be interested (if the taxpayer picks up a big enough share of the huge toxic sludge clean-up bill).

      Rick’s in no hurry though – as long as there’s something he can announce just before the next election.

  2. margaret says:

    after receiving a flyer for the robertson watermains project last week, I went online to see what was what, but the web site wasn’t active (I made 4 attempts at reporting the error to 311 and to the web site – no result… went directly to a real person and she will look into it)

    anyway … I started googling ottawa.ca … well there’s a map of projects (nothing, however, listed for BC)

    it has a P link at Lynwood …. which takes you to Lynwood, California!

    maybe this is why Lynwood didn’t get much in the way of an ice rink last year

    here’s a link to download another interesting map

  3. Alfonso says:

    Yet another hotel – how divine. Just what we need.

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