hurricane strikes Bells Corners

The play equipment at Our Lady of Peace was twisted all out of shape by Sandy’s fury – it was almost as scary as the last time the Hurricanes blew into town.

This guy wasn’t worried about the hurricane though – he was too busy celebrating Halloween at Local Heroes. It was pretty cramped in his cage, but he was lucky that he had a six-foot gorilla friend to carry him around all night.

This guy works at the Bells Corners nuclear plant.

This Stephen Harper lookalike was having fun until the Batman showed up and wiped the grin off his face.

After the hurricane blew through, a rainbow miraculously appeared over the strip, leading straight to the pot of gold at General Dynamics.

The other end of the rainbow led to Dan’s, which reminded me that a friend had asked me to find a garage willing to install snow tires (already on rims) this Saturday. At Dan’s it was $40 – no appointments taken, first come, first serve.

Same story at Gary’s.

The third place I checked was Midas – they not only take appointments on Saturdays, they also throw in a free oil change, etc. for the same $40. Sweet! It says “rotate tires” but as long as your snows are on rims they’ll install them for you with a smile.

My favourite garage is still Adrian’s near the liquid gym, but Midas seems to be offering a good deal, almost a loss leader, as oil changes aren’t cheap. But, if they discover problems once your car is up on the hoist, the special promotion will pay off.

Midas was a bit miffed that the City inspector ordered them to take down the banners advertising their special offers.

You’re not allowed to have advertising on the outside of your business unless you pay an extra tax to the City, so the signs on the outside had to be taken down. Even the banners over the bays had to be moved inside the doors.

If you can’t afford to pay expensive car bills maybe it’s time to consider a cheaper set of wheels. Here are a few of the refurbished, safety-checked bikes for sale at Recyclore’s shop in Britannia. The average price of an adult bike is around $60, while kids bikes are $5-$20. Tax included – we’re an incorporated not-for-profit organization, so Stephen, Dalton, Jim and Rick don’t get to dip their beaks. is open Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 5 p.m. and at other times when enough volunteers show up.

All of these bikes were donated by Bells Corners residents or by visitors to the Eco-fair.

Volunteers fix them up for free in our well-equipped dungeon.

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3 Responses to hurricane strikes Bells Corners

  1. wanderer says:

    It was a beautiful rainbow, wasn’t it? Glad we didn’t get the worst of Sandy.

    Recyclore sure is a great place – what is the address in Britannia?

    – It’s 475B Britannia Rd. (where the road crosses the bike path on the way to the yacht club).

    Arriving on Richmond Rd. from Bells Corners you turn left at the Farm Boy plaza and follow that street (Poulin) to the shop on the eastern edge of Britannia Park and the western edge of the Mud Lake paradise.

    Arriving on Richmond or Carling from the east you simply turn right on Britannia Rd.

    Or you can park in the main parking lots at Britannia Beach if you want to walk over.

  2. margaret says:

    hope we don’t get another hurricane today
    or there’ll be garbage problems with the new pick-up schedule and bi-weekly garbage

    not sure if the city made a mistake (how dare I even think that!!) but by last week’s schedule we should have BLUE box today in BC – last week was BLACK – and thus by the new blue/garbage-same-day pick-up …. garbage too, but it didn’t work out that way … they gave us another BLACK bin day and NO GARBAGE there’s a lot of blue bins out there sitting with their garbage bags …. waiting

    my blue bins will be overflowing next week – already are
    some people’s black bins will be overflowing too
    and a lot of garbage bags will possible be blowing about … if there’s a strong wind

    why didn’t the city just send us all a new schedule like they’ve done in the past ?
    hope they will consider providing us with large black and blue bins too


    • margaret says:

      not sure if it affected the rest of BC but Westcliffe residents had quite a mix-up with garbage – or not – pick-up.

      it’s been one of the busiest topics on their facebook site
      some received flyers – I never did
      one had even checked online and found out it was Monday instead of Friday
      then to be told later that it was really Friday as before.

      the biggest problem was obviously the black box for 2 weeks running
      but the city has obviously made a few errors along the way with all their mixed messages etc.

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