scared sh**less on Halloween

Back in the good old days of Nepean every house on the street would be decorated for Halloween and the streets would be clogged with trick-or-treaters – not so anymore, if you can judge by the number of kids who showed up at my well-decorated place tonight.

I’ve had Scooby-doos, princesses, Spidermen and lots of zombies, but not more than a dozen visitors.

Maybe I don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters because Bells Corners, and especially Lynwood, is top-heavy in old farts and light on kids.

Westcliffe 12.9%, Lynwood 26.2%
percentage of residents over 65 years old

Scary images:

Scary Halloween movies: (bone-headed cyclists out of control on Halloween, 1:12) (VERY creepy movie with a gut-wrenching ending, 2:34) (restricted to 18 years and older, 7:05)
It’s now 8:00 and only 15 trick-or-treaters have shown – maybe it’s time to check out the costume party at Local Heroes.

first sign

new improved sign

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3 Responses to scared sh**less on Halloween

  1. margaret says:

    I’m making a similar comment … where have all the kids gone?
    in previous years I’ve had up to 120 – last year was 80 – but this year …. 47
    including Bell High students and their food drive … good for them
    have to say though that they were really good kids
    polite and thank you and happy halloween
    and all having fun
    had a few grumps in the past

    looking at your stats of population decline … maybe they were all kids and old folks 🙂

  2. lisad67 says:

    had 130 then ran out of candy…everyone dumps their kids at Lynwood Manor…townhouses are easy pickings…guess the kids hate walking ha! ha! ha!

  3. ottawaowl says:

    Halloween can be TERRIFYING in Bells Corners. Creepy clowns on the loose. Good thing Captain America is on duty.

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