who stole the signs?

The red dots are signs for the Bells Corners FREE Eco-fair, which takes place this Saturday, 9-4. The arrows mark the spot where somebody stole two of the signs! Since all the other ones on the map remain unmolested, I strongly suspect that someone from the Starbucks plaza, Bells Corners most succe$$ful strip mall, is responsible for the theft.

This handcrafted beauty – gone!

This collector’s item – gone!

At first I suspected these guys, who were working for the plaza owner, planting flowers and grasses, but they had alibis.

Maybe Dan stole them?

If you have any info about the missing signs, or if you recognize this lost female kitty found wandering behind a Lynwood Village mall (about 6 months old, healthy, short hair, caramel colour patches) contact Stephen or TJ at 613-721-0724.

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One Response to who stole the signs?

  1. margaret says:

    hope you signed them … so they build on their value in the future

    – It doesn’t matter – the stolen coroplast signs will end up in the landfill along with millions of others.

    At least Rick uses his more than once, unlike most politicians. He’s been trotting out the gigantic Liberal-red-with-a-slash-of-Stephen-Harper-blue VOTE RICK! signs every four years since Jim was in diapers.

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