In Bells Corners there IS such a thing as a free lunch!
FREE cycling skills event for parents and children!

A local non-profit group is offering an amazing opportunity on Sat. Sept. 29 10 a.m. at the Bell HS sports field to celebrate Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
(rain date Sept. 30 at DA Moodie).

The idea is to introduce kids of all ages to the sport of cycling via supervised rides on Bells Corners Greenbelt trails. The rides will be tailored to the current skill levels of the kids, so all kids are welcome from beginners (the “Gummy Worms”) to intermediates (the “Crouching Tigers”) to experienced riders (the “Flaming Lizards”).

It’s free but parents have to sign up ahead of time.

FREE entertainment at the Westcliffe Community Building!

Presumably this evening of high drama and “grassroots democracy” is free for everyone – you only have to pay $10 if you want to vote. But don’t worry – I don’t recall ever seeing an actual vote at a community association AGM (and I’ve been to a lot of them!), as things are usually pretty much set ahead of time – insiders already know who will hold positions of power on the next executive.

Sometimes people are turned away by muscle at the door at events like this, but I’d be surprised if Rick supporters or employees on the WECA board try any funny business after what happened last year.

You can’t live outside of the WECA’s narrowly-defined boundaries if you want to be a member (which seems odd since at least one of the current executive members has never lived in Westcliffe) but presumably other Bells Corners residents are allowed to attend – you can be sure that Rick will be bringing his staff, his personal photographers and probably a whole whack of FREE taxpayer-funded doughnuts and vote-for-Rick trinkets.

FREE hockey for kids!

Low-income parents (especially those who live a long way from the Wesctcliffe rink) should look into this great opportunity if they want their children to have a chance to participate in free local hockey. The Rick-friendly Lynwood Village Community Association seems to have gone dormant again, so it seems likely that we’re in for another disastrous outdoor hockey season in Lynwood Park. Just shutting the rink down altogether is a real possibility.
FREE transporation!
I have a wide selection of bikes that you can use for free, and several residents have taken advantage. Email me for details.

The Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi is also available. It’s free to riders (NO tipping allowed) and almost free for me (although I recently hired a local machinist to make some technical improvements endorsed by a team of engineers, and new tires all round set me back a few dollars).

Safety always comes first, so obviously I wouldn’t really let a customer drive – this family just wanted a photo op.

Free advice is always available at Recyclore, a non-profit community bike shop where no one gets paid. Refurbished safety-checked adult bikes from $30 up aren’t completely free, but we do have an earn-a-bike programme (for adults too) for who anyone interested in volunteering (no experience necessary).

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2 Responses to free!

  1. ottawaowl says:

    Here’s an update on one of the recent free events:

    Over 80 kids participated in this year’s “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day” in the Bell Forest organized by the amazing local folk at Trips for Kids

    more photos

  2. ottawaowl says:

    The Bells Corners Christian Community annual ecumenical (everyone welcome!) breakfast takes place this Saturday, with the proceeds going to an EXCELLENT Bells Corners organization.

    This year they have chosen a Bells Corners-based project Trips for Kids Ottawa to be the recipient of the funds raised at the breakfast.

    Please consider coming out to support this worthy cause.

    Christ Church Bells Corners

    3861 Old Richmond Road

    Sat. Feb. 2

    first sitting 8:30 a.m.

    second sitting 9:30 a.m.

    adults $7.00

    children under 12 – $2.50

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