bomb threat chases taxman

Someone has it in for the taxman – yesterday a bomb scare emptied the CRA offices in Bells Corners.

This is the chaotic scene on Robertson Rd. after the mysterious threat forced many hundreds of civil servants to flee the four government buildings on Fitzgerald near the Canadian Tire.

Once the buildings had been emptied they were sealed off by the police and most of the workers were whisked away by special OC Transpo busses.

About 100 employees couldn’t go home. They stayed behind to don orange vests and hardhats and make sure no one got in or out of the buildings. Once the all clear had been sounded around supper time, some workers got rides back to retrieve their keys and drive their vehicles home.

Everyone at the scene was extremely tight-lipped about the incident.

Everyone working for the Harper Government knows that talking to the media without the boss’ approval is a firing offence.

The big media outlets are silent too – they know about the bomb scare but they don’t seem to be reporting it. Curious.

The only trace I could find online is a single tweet from a CRA worker and this independent site.

Who made the threat? A disgruntled taxpayer? A terrorist? A loony? A civil servant looking to play hookey? Jay? The Chinese government? Pussy Riot? Something even more sinister? I guess we’ll never know.

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  1. ottawaowl says:

    Thanks to TonyL for the tip and the great photos. 1200+ hits so far today, four times what this blog usually gets

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