plus ça change (lipstick on the strip)

Life is good in Bells Corners. We have a redecorated and rebranded McDonald’s, complete with a state-of-the-art double drive-thru.

Ronald McDonald has been demoted.

lipstick on a pig?

not as groady as the Tim Hortons water closet

Gow’s frozen in time – the Dec. 31, 2011 Sun left by the last customer

These posters are plastered all over Bells Corners – hopefully the enthusiastic volunteers will follow responsible postering etiquette and take down what they put up once the event is over (and not just leave them there until the elements turn them into tattered eyesores).

The advertising above covers up the ugly remnants of last year’s poster.

money pit on the strip

Local army cadets, fresh from a camping trip at Camp Borden, disembark from a DND bus in front of the doomed Zellers.

Work continues apace at the grassroots community park by FreshCo. Somebody donated a lot of earth.

The Canadian Tire garden centre will be donating some plants when it closes (sometime in the next week or two).

self-serve drop box?

classy strip sign

all roads lead to Bells Corners

You never know who or what you’ll see on the world famous Bells Corners strip.

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