celebrity burgers sizzle

Four Bells Corners celebrities will be competing for a cash prize this evening at Miki’s pizzeria on Northside.

Alex was spotted lurking at Miki’s today and it’s rumoured that he will be one of the celebrity contestants.

Other famous people are expected:

Lance Armstrong

famous Bells Corners artist Stephen Sammon

the Firecracker pop-up store mascot

Indiana Jones

Mr. Pig and Obama may be coming on bixis

the president of the Bells Corners Homeless People’s union

Stephen or Vladimir

the imam from the Bells Corners mosque

a sleazy career politician

the Giant Tiger mascot

Kurt Stoodley, winner of the Celebrity Pie-eating Contest

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5 Responses to celebrity burgers sizzle

  1. wanderer says:

    So who will the contestants be? I have goose bumps of anticipation! Can’t be there, but looking forward to tomorrow’s blog and replies – all about fairness, all-out competition, cheers from the galleries, etc.

    Such excitement hasn’t been seen since we were screwed over by our very own councillor over the name change hassle in BC.

    – It was a huge success – all the celebrities seemed to get along fine (apart from that little tiff between Tom and Obama – thank goodness Alex was there to calm things down).

    Justin was feisty but no one wanted to take him on.

  2. wanderer says:

    We need more active commentary between combatants who live in Bells Corners and are actively involved in our community.

    We need people who are willing to give of their hearts and souls to the community, to fight against the bureaucracy that is taking over from residents of our wonderful neighbourhood.

    We need change – we residents need to take part in the running of our community.

    I’m willing to try, but we need a whole bunch of activists to take over our local community center. Don’t let our councillor and his self-serving wannabe community association politicians bamboozle us – we need to take back control of our community.

    – You can’t paint all 16 community association board members (11 at the WECA and 5 at the LVCA) with the same brush They all have their own story to tell of how and why they took up office.

    Some of them I admire a lot. I feel that they’re on the executive for the right reasons – working as a volunteer (NOT for any material benefit) to make our community better for everyone.

    These people had no part in the dirty tricks and, in some cases, no knowledge in them.

    If you’re on the councillor’s payroll, an upper-level City employee, a political activist, a former politician, or have any other “conflict of interest” you should not be serving on a community association board without at least being transparent and declaring your interest.

    Community association leaders have a responsibility to represent the entire community, not just certain interests.

    No executive member should profit financially or personally from membership on a community association board.

    • wanderer says:

      We need the support of the whole community: adults, young people, children, and anyone else who is willing to help, physically, psychologically, financially, etc.

      Help in whatever way you can. Don’t let it fall to those who have already given so much of their time and efforts – we need the younger generation to step up to the plate.

      • Tim says:

        “More active commentary between combatants” – what does that even mean? Seems like pointless jargon. What bureaucracy are you talking about and who are these self-serving wannabe community association politicians? Do you mean your neighbours who volunteer to run the community center, put on the Fun Day and manage the rink?

        – Sorry, Tim, but I’m going to have to censor your second paragraph, which contains several sentences giving your opinion of wanderer in very colourful language, because it goes way beyond what’s allowed on this blog: “anyone can post whatever they want, even if I don’t agree with you. Be anonymous if you want. I’ll edit for typos, spelling, grammar, brevity, clarity and also for anything that goes beyond snarky into rude.”

        If you disagree with her opinions, fine. Attack her ideas with ferocity if you wish. But do you really think it advances the debate to engage in vicious name-calling?

        Wanderer makes no attempt to hide her identity on this blog, whereas you use a pseudonym – would you repeat the same insults to her face?

  3. Tim says:

    Please remove my entire post. I don’t believe in censorship where one person can be that censor. You give people a soapbox to spout the most insane drivel ever written and yet no one is allowed to tell them how much of an idiot they are.

    Again with the anonymity thing! Is her name Mrs. Wanderer? Everyone on this blog uses an alias. And yes I would say what I wrote to her face. Would like to in fact.

    – Okay, but if you’re so keen on full disclosure why don’t you post under your real name and address? “Mrs. Wanderer” has done that many times and I’m sure that she would be be hurt by your insults.

    I can also give you her phone number – if you met her in person I’m sure you would change your tune.

    She’s done a lot more for this community than you’ve ever done, and it’s very disrespectful for a young ‘un like you to dump on her.

    I was trying to protect you too, “Tim” – your comments border on libelous.

    And it’s certainly not true that “everyone on this blog uses an alias.”

    You might disagree with wanderer’s comments and other things on this blog, but please explain why rather than just saying that someone’s ideas are “insane drivel” from “an idiot” (and the stuff I “censored” in your first post was even nastier).

    I admit I’ve taken some good shots at Team Chiarelli and his henchmen on this blog, but I’ve never descended to the level of kindergarten name-calling. And compared to the shit sandwiches served to me by the councillor and his henchmen I think I’ve been remarkably restrained and polite.

    That’s my story – why are you so angry?

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