summer in Bells Corners

Life is good in Bells Corners, n’est pas? We’re thankful that we didn’t get wiped out in the Great Fire of 2012!

Where is this cool place quite close to Bells Corners? (answer)

Who’s bringing the marshmallows? This campfire is near the Westcliffe Bridge.

Camerons hike around Lynwood Village.

Some pedestrians will follow “desire lines.”

illicit path

near Bell HS

missing in action

invitation for caregiving entrepreneurs

Dusty roads

I like pinwheels.

Harmony too – shop locally if possible.

McDonald’s expands to take an even bigger share of the fat food dollar.

a remedy?

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2 Responses to summer in Bells Corners

  1. margaret says:

    so so where is that cool and tranquil place near to BC ??

    – It belongs to the Creek’s End community, sandwiched between Bayshore and Andy Haydon Park.

    Another place to cool off is the Bruce Pit (especially if you like dogs).

  2. Stinky says:

    Great – a fresh campfire on the edge of Bells Corners. Blame the usual drunken punks!

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