the public’s right to know

Am I the only one who thinks that transparency, accountabilty and the free flow of information should be the default setting for organizations that are run with our tax dollars?

Let’s take the example of the lead-in-the-water fiasco at Bayshore PS. The OCDSB only came clean when the story was leaked to the media. Staff at the school knew all about the shocking results and were booking appointments for blood tests even while parents were left largely in the dark.

Should others be worried about the scandal at Bayshore PS? What about parents in other OCDSB schools? Last’s year’s test results show that some Bells Corners schools scored higher in lead than Bayshore PS and are flushed daily, whereas Bayshore PS was only flushed once a week until the disastrous May 14 tests.

Should Catholic board parents be worried too? How does the OCSB deal with the problems of testing and transparency?

What about Bayshore residents and other neighbourhoods served by aging City of Ottawa infrastructure that might be at the root of the problem? Lynwood Village is the same age as Bayshore – should I be getting a water and blood test?

I’m not going to – there are so many more important issues if you want to waste your time worrying.

Still, I DON’T like the way the dysfunctional OCDSB handled this issue – wish it weren’t such a gong show there!

Another scandal is brewing in a OCDSB school in Nepean (not in Bells Corners) – the parents and the staff know all about it (there are photos!) but I bet the board’s million-dollar-a-year-PR/legal department will try to keep the lid on, unless the media gets a whiff of it. “Gotta protect personal privacy (when it suits our purposes)” is the top bureaucrats’ motto.

Should nasty news be hushed up so citizens don’t go worrying their little heads off? Maybe.

I hate hearing about the many abuses of power all over the world – maybe I’d be better off not knowing about it, especially since I can’t do anything to make things better.

Do we really need to know about all the the secret meeting between developers and politicians? Rick Chiarelli says no – he’s been a fierce critic of the proposed lobbyist registry and was BLASTED for his bleatings.

It should be no surprise that Rick fought hard to get the lobbysit registry watered down. Don Robertson’s buddy wants to continue to have secret private meetings at Al’s Steakhouse or the Cock n’ Bull with developers, consultants and planners who have contributed many thousands of dollars to the councillor’s campaign for re-election.

As the Citizen journalists asks, if Rick isn’t doing anything shameful, “why the secrecy?”

She was back at it today about the destruction of public trust that doesn’t seem to bother Rick and Jim: “Too much of this city’s development work is done with a wink and a handshake.”

Sigh. Sort of a gloomy post, eh? Here are a few photos to cheer us up:

These people were giving out FREE ice-cream!

These Bells Corners celebrities were offering FREE rides in their boat!

These old-timers were offering FREE jokes and making these ladies laugh!

Fitz’s state-of-the-art patio is finally under construction – it is expected to draw business away from the dodgy Cock n’ Bull across the street.

Back to the Future at Thorncliff(e) Place

Has this clock ever worked?

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2 Responses to the public’s right to know

  1. wanderer says:

    This secrecy in the meetings RC has with developers, consultants and planners has been there for a long time. As long as Rick is our councillor, this won’t change. He can’t be shamed into behaving in a way that shows he’s there for his constituents – he isn’t! He’s there for himself, and secret deals are the way he does his business.

    Haven’t heard from or about the BIA for a very long time – are they still in business, what with all the tax $$$ they now have to improve Bells Corners? Has anyone seen any improvement in BC?

    We visited Miki’s Pizzeria – the best bacon cheeseburgers in town, by far! Next we’ll try the pizzas. They sound delicious.

  2. Eric says:

    I also believe in transparency, accountability and free flow of information… but Canadians have showed THEY don’t ever since Harper and his clique got into power. Chances are we’ll keep having less and less access to information across the board, and it’s a shame.

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