an unbroken chain of chains

I bought two fat vegetarian samosas for $1.25 each in the Indian Superstore in the Westcliffe plaza. The plump baked one was very tasty and filling, while the fried one was sinfully good. The naan tempted me but it wasn’t whole grain so I passed. Both products came from Haveli’s next door.

For dessert I had a hard time deciding on which frozen treat to choose – I settled on the pistachio-flavoured green one for $1.25. Much tastier than the sweet “shaving cream” at the deceased Dairy Queen. No preservatives – just simple ingredients, manufactured in Ottawa with an ancient Hindu (?) recipe.

Then it was time for an $11.99 senior’s haircut by this friendly guy at Lena’s in the same plaza.

Usually I go to the Bells Corners Barbershop, or the place in the Pizza Hut plaza.

Lena’s sponsored the Lynwood Park Fun Day and he’s an interesting guy to talk to, so I sat in his chair. He did a great job.

This creative ad in the Pizza Hut plaza caught my eye – the Koi Asia is a good place.

As the large chains strengthen their hold on the strip we’re losing some of our Bells Corners community heritage.

“Driving across Canada, one might take comfort that an A&W or Tim Hortons is just around the bend, but some of our national diversity has been lost,” writes a Citizen journalist.

Once upon a time “no two towns or cities along the Trans-Canada Highway felt the same as one another. Not so now. Our towns are strings of franchises: Tim Hortons, Shoppers Drug Mart, A&W, and McDonald’s. In between, Esso, Shell, Petrocan, and Chevron signs. Drop me blindfolded into any town along that highway and I’d have no idea where I was.”

That might be your first impression if you were dropped blindfolded into Bells Corners – McDonald’s is expanding and capturing an even larger share of the fat food market and chains are everywhere on the strip.

But poke around a bit and you’ll see how unique and diverse we are.

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One Response to an unbroken chain of chains

  1. margaret says:

    sounds as though you were following us the last few days ….

    so do we get a pic of the new hair cut ? just so we’ll recognize the new Owl

    Indian Superstore – you should try doing your own samosas – buy them frozen and cook at home (always fried of course) and try some of the other specialties from their freezer, shami kebab and shish kebab – all great when hot but still good cold

    we were at Koi Asia last night … always a bargain and we end up taking food home as the portions are large

    as you say – we have to hope that these small shops will be the ones that can continue and be supported by the community or we’ll lose everything in BC

    Maybe it’s time for the BIA to produce a directory – free to the businesses as they are already paying their taxes – for distribution to the community …. but looks as though it’s still struggling to get their master list organized and updated with the street name/number changes

    “Situated within within (the BIA’s error) a community older than Canada itself, one of Ottawa’s oldest and most beautiful neighbourhoods, Bells Corners is made up of some 300+ businesses and is a significant part of the City of Ottawa. … Stretching from the Thorncliffe Bridge to Westcliffe Bridge along Robertson and Richmond Road, Bells Corners is where you meet for coffee or go to enjoy a bite to eat; stop to shop or visit with neighbours to catch up on local events.”

    and the BIA still has Richmond Road ….
    maybe it’s all been a bad dream like the JR’s dead dream in the old ‘Dallas’

    – Jeez, I just read the BIA mission statement again. Gag.

    It’s not so much the BS that bothers me – it’s the numerous errors! It’s crying out for an editor with a blue pencil to correct the spelling, grammar, typos and facts.

    I told Alex about this a l-o-n-g time ago (“Alex, the plural of plaza is NOT plaza’s.”) but he was either unwilling or unable to make any changes.

    It looks kind of small town cheap to have so many mistakes on the home page of the Bells Corners BIA – I stopped counting after I got to double digits.

    But maybe it’s deliberate, an attempt to market the small-town homeliness of Bells Corners as an asset (“Bells Corners, where we’re just regular Conservative folk with none of the affectations of the Glebites or the Westboro snobs. Our flower pots and banners are small town cheap and we can’t spell, but we have great drive-thrus and chains. Come home to Bells Corners – it’s like a trip to the past, back to the good old days of pay-as-you-go Nepean and Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, when terrorists, child pornographers and global warming didn’t exist. Buy yourself a hot car or a thick steak guilt-free in beautiful Bells Corners.”)

    The Thorncliffe Bridge? Huh? Is this pandering to the Francis family? Why not the Electrical and Plumbing Bridge – didn’t they make a bigger contribution to Rick’s campaign war chest?

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