mystery mural

An exciting new mural is going up in Bells Corners!

After renowned local artist Stephen Sammon finishes removing the centuries-old paint and the tags he will start creating his gigantic (by Bells Corners standards) mural. He gets some financing for the project from Alex and Frank, but basically it’s a labour of love.

Everyone’s lips are sealed, but I’m betting it’ll have a Bells Corners sports theme, and probably something bike-friendly. Maybe a cyclist riding a mountain bike on a Greenbelt trail? Perhaps a downhill skier at the Bruce Pit? Alex will probably want to add a few tulips and something to promote the BIA if he’s kicking in part of the funding.

It’s good to see the public chairs in Lynwood Park used by basketball players and soccer fans. Maybe it’s time for another upgrade to the park – basketball nets are cheap and don’t take long to install once you get a ladder to the court.

Google better get caught up with Rick’s name-changing rampage and update their maps. While they’re at it they could correct this error – the Lynwood community building (a public building open to everyone) is erroneously identified as belonging to the tennis club, which is public/private organization.

The new spiffy dentist digs are about ready to go. A Bill Teron bungalow was torn down to make room for the expansion.

Wonder how this guy’s making out? Some say the market is pretty hot in Lynwood Village, and it seems that more and more people are trying to sell without an agent.

Last time I looked my horsie was still there, untouched by the littering beer-drinkers or the City workers.

Starbucks is imitating the Bohemian Kitchen and is letting local artists display their work for sale.

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