flower pots/take a load off

The new “flower pots” on the strip have been getting negative reviews – they’re better than nothing but I have to agree that they look a bit “small town cheap,” especially after we were promised tens of thousands of flowers along the strip this year.

Up close they look nice (if a bit parched), even if some people are already using them for free advertising and refuse disposal.

After the City workers cut down so many trees in Lynwood Park I placed a chair (rescued from the landfill) on just about every stump.

They’re getting used a fair bit – there isn’t enough seating in Lynwood Park, especially on nights when the park is jammed with kids playing soccer. The recycled chairs can be easily moved to the shade or wherever someone wants to sit.

I’m curious to see how long these “community chairs” will last. It’s been a week and they’re still there.

Eventually they’ll be vandalized or removed by City workers. If people don’t put them back on the stumps or the basketball court when they’re done it’ll be a problem for the grass cutters. If you’re strolling in the park you might put a stray chair away (i.e. off the grass) as part of your civic duty – unless you think that ratty chairs make our park look small town cheap?

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16 Responses to flower pots/take a load off

  1. margaret says:

    no wonder we can’t see any of the plants (except the spikes) they’re not high growers, in too high pots and too far below the rim …. they are so dry even after all that rain – need a bit of mulch too

    better still … try a bush or two for height
    there’s all sorts of perennial plants that could be used

    in fact why not a christmas (sorry not PC) tree and it could be used all year round

    the positioning could be a lot better
    as one blogger noted one or two are in areas where the weeds are doing a better job !

    I’m sorry … but it’s just plain pathetic

  2. wanderer says:

    “Small town cheap” is being too kind! How RC can face himself in the mirror with the shape BC is in now? I’d be ashamed and hide my head under the bedsheets.

    I don’t know where he learned his math, but that doesn’t look like “thousands of flowers” in anybody’s imagination, not even his.

    – Actually, I think the promise was “tens of thousands of flowers.” Politician promises should always be taken with a grain of salt.

    RC has a fertile imagination (Don Robertson, Vox, etc. ad nauseum)

  3. margaret says:

    just had very negative comments about the pots from out-of-town guests who arrived from Kanata … more weeds than plants in the pots …

    we came up with a possible reason for them … burial urns for big people

  4. A Proud Bells Corners Resident says:

    Guess the flower pots are another sign of how our tax dollars are being put to use! Thanks Rick C. Now you should dole out a bit more so a water truck can come along and give those poor, parched plants some much needed moisture! Perhaps some black cedar mulch would help retain moisture.

    – I heard a resident giving Rick heck for the flower pots at Local Heroes last Saturday night. His slippery answer was to put all the blame on Alex and the BIA. Sorry, RC, you’re wearing those flower pots!

  5. Plant Stands says:

    Seems like they could have done a better job than that!

  6. Gerald Humphries says:

    I would accept that the planters are laughably under “greened” at this moment but surely we don’t expect plants to sprout and grow into gargantuan masses of colour in a matter of a day? I am gainfully employed as a “government collector” (I get CPP and an RCMP pension etc.) and, as an experienced gardener, I’ve seen growth in the last week. Give it time.

    I took the opportunity while at the dry cleaners this afternoon to take a closer look. I counted over ten varieties of plant material in the one planter. In my opinion they certainly have the potential for growth with an effectual watering and fertilizing schedule. The soil is top quality, a clay and peat moss mixture. Plant life like the Bacopa Vine and Livingstone Daisy are quite drought-resistant. Overall, they may not be much to look at right now, but in my opinion they certainly have the potential with some tender loving care.

    On another note, we should all start embracing the business association. They’re doing a lot of much required good for this area (apart from the street renaming; I am still against that!).

    I am amazed at the lengths some of your contributors go to soil the BIA and its efforts on projects which haven’t been completed, much less begun. Last week I went in and spoke to the young whippersnapper gentleman who was working in the association space in the White Rose mall, and he was certainly pleasant and well-read on the issues facing our community. He gave me some cool swag.

    – Thanks for your comments, Gerald. The nice young (?) fellow at the White Rose mall (Alex) will certainly be pleased to learn that you’re a fan.

  7. Gerald Humphries says:

    Dear Sir, I don’t know you from a hole in the ground but why have you felt the need to add lib (sic) my statement? I can appreciate your correction of grammatical errors however I did NOT refer to the young gentleman as a “young whippersnapper” and moreover I did not receive any sort of “…cool swag“. It worries me to think how many other remarks you have doctored for your apparent overly dramatic effect! Shameful.

    – Well, shame on you for swallowing the Rick/Alex/BIA whoppers hook, line and sinker.

    And shame on you for saying that other contributors who don’t like the small town cheap pots are “soiling” the BIA (was that an intentional pun on your part?). 🙂

    So I’m ahead, two shames to one.

    But (sigh) you’re right – I made a mistake and I apologize for it. I undid my satire.

    Now I’m waiting for Rick to apologize for inventing Don Robertson and for Jay to say he’s sorry for so many dirty tricks, so much disinformation. I’m looking forward to hearing apologies from the various City bureaucrats and politicians (all levels – federal, provincial, municipal and community association) who abuse their positions of trust to benefit themselves and their friends.

    Please continue to contribute here – unlike the councillor’s blog or the community association’s blog, dissenting views are allowed. I promise to play fair if you promise to play fair.

    I stand behind everything I write – unlike Team Chiarelli I value truth, accountability, and transparency. I DON’T believe in dirty tricks, lying, bullying or corruption.

    Unlike Team Chiarelli I sign my name to what I write and I only write the truth. Yes, there are some flourishes that are OBVIOUSLY satirical, but if there are factual errors I will quickly correct them and apologize.

    I suspected that maybe “Gerald Humphries” and “Tim” are one and the same person. If you had included a real email address I would have been less suspicious.

    If that really is your name I apologize, further proof that I am NOT a politician.

    A real politician will NEVER APOLOGIZE except as a last resort. It looks like Rick, Alex, Lisa, Dean, Peter and Pierre are all going to brazen it out, safe in the knowledge that “right-thinking” real Canadians seem to think that the end justifies the means – dirty tricks are okay as long as it’s for the good of the Party and supports the troops and entrenched privileges.

    More importantly – Rick and his Conservative buddies have a bigger and better propaganda machine than their hapless foes in the other parties, so they’re pretty confident that they’ll get away with it.

    • margaret says:

      Craig … why do you have to change things people write ??
      they make a statement for a reason …
      it is THEIR statement and it never needs changing … not even for grammar
      and definitely NEVER change the statement with your own words
      we don’t have that option of changing YOUR words – so why do it to others

      as for Gerald’s comments … I don’t know who the others are, but I’m not against the business association and its ‘efforts’ as such, just that what it appears to be doing to OUR community isn’t working – it isn’t thought out – it looks shoddy and draws negative attention to the wrong things …

      this pot project is a prime example
      can you honestly say it does anything for BC, either residents or businesses ?
      would it encourage you to support BC businesses ?
      would it make you want to stop ?
      would it make you want to live here ?

      think the answers might be
      no, no, no and ….. most likely another no

      so it’s not helping businesses, and it’s not helping residents or those trying to sell their houses … so what is it doing ?

      the intent might be worth looking at but the result certainly isn’t …except for those wonderful red plastic tulips in one of the planters, the rest can’t be seen and wont be seen … and yes they could be ‘instant’ gardens – the Brew Table manages it

      pity – could’ve been a few nice arrangements as ‘gateways’ with tall plants and shrubs rather than individual spaced-out pots that look empty (the pots are too high and the plants too low)

      ….. as long as the sites were weed free
      BIA / City / whoever is responsible …. this is where some of our/your $$ could be spent …. hire someone to clear the weeds or at least transplant them into the pots to add height definition

      would I or other residents be allowed to do our own beautification projects ?
      wonder if we would ever be asked …. and if allowed, we’d have to go through months of planning and pleading with the powers that be … yet this sort of thing just ‘appears’ …. interesting

      do I want to see a beautified BC ? … yes sir
      do I want to see businesses back in BC ? …. yes sir
      but this isn’t doing it … not by a long stretch of the imagination

      – I agree that I shouldn’t change the meaning of what someone says, and I’ve already apologized to “Gerald” and Terry for doing so (although, c’mon, it was a very minor change in meaning, NOTHING at all compared to the vile outpourings and dirty deeds of RC and his gang).

      If you want me to pledge to publish word for word whatever someones says (even if it’s libelous and hateful, even if it’s from someone who posts from the safety of anonymity and power), forget it – it ain’t going to happen.

      I don’t agree with you that I should just ignore spelling and grammar mistakes – should the editors of the Citizen and the Sun not edit readers’ letters before publishing them? I have a responsibility to my readers, and I don’t think they want to waste time trying to figure out what someone’s trying to say, or cringing at sloppy error-filled writing.

      You previously asked me to just approve your comments “as is” and not reply within your comment, and I have respected that (notwithstanding this exception). I sometimes edit a typo for you – I hope you don’t mind that!

      • margaret says:

        editing to correct something is not the same as making a change to someone’s comment,

        should spelling and grammar be fixed? no – you might just get the context wrong anyway and if you can sort something out – surely others can too
        fix mine if you wish – it doesn’t bother me – just don’t change my comments

        I don’t have a problem with you commenting within a statement (even mine) as long as it is obvious that it’s YOUR comment (use italics) but at times the italics get lost and it then reads like the original writer making your comments

        as for the citizen / sun etc … they need someone to correct their own spelling and grammar !!

        comments that can be libelous or hateful etc … ok it’s your blog you have that choice to ‘remove’ stuff like that, but what you were doing was ‘adding’ comments that could be libelous or hateful – that’s another thing entirely

        – No quibble with anything you said, except that suggesting that calling Alex a “whippersnapper” is “libelous or hateful” is a bit of a stretch. I’m pretty sure Alex got a laugh out of it and I’m pretty certain that he won’t be suing me for libel (unless he gets some under-the-table financing from the Party). Gerald could hire a lawyer and go after me for damage to his reputation, but I’m pretty sure that he’s not THAT outraged.

        Maybe Gerald, Alex and I can settle this out of court – we can meet for coffee at the doomed Tim Hortons and I’ll pay.

        Or we could set up a debate at Local Heroes to raise money for charity, or hold a pie-eating contest – Stoodley’s good, but he CAN be beaten.

        Or better yet, how about a dunk tank event? I saw one today at Bell Arena – it was the windup to the house league lacrosse season and local celebrities were getting dunked.

        I’ll take a dunk for charity if Alex, Rick and Kurt will commit too. A few people would be glad to see me dunked, but the line-up for a chance to dunk Rick would probably be even longer!

  8. TonyL1 says:

    “I took the opportunity while at the dry cleaners this afternoon to take a closer look. I counted over ten varieties of plant material in the one planter.”

    If you inspected the planter near the Pizza Hut mall, one of the lovely varieties of flowers is plastic.

    I placed some lovely orange plastic tulips in the planter, and they look good! Check it out!

  9. TonyL1 says:

    Welp, the lovely tulips lasted approximately 72 hours – they are gone now, maybe at the hand of the same person who made the heads roll? There are even some NEW real plants in the planters….

    – Alex had to do SOMETHING – the chorus of boos was becoming worrisome to his boss. We may be just small town hicks here in Bells Corners, but we’re not stupid (my polls indicate that only three residents out of ten support Rick’s Mr. Nepean tarnished brand because of the Don Robertson scandal).

    So chalk up the enhanced flower pots as a victory for the 99%.

    Apparently Alex dipped into his performance bonus to pay for a few extra pansies OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET!

    He should get one of those Harper Jubilee medals for service to the Party – if Lisa nominates him Rick will quickly second it. Of course Rusty gets the final say, but I’m guessing it’ll happen.

    Congratulations in advance, big guy.

    • margaret says:

      much improved …
      though I even liked the tulips 🙂
      but obviously not an authorized implant

      • margaret says:

        Craig – your blog site works wonders !!
        action is better than going direct to City Hall

        have you noticed … the weeds on the strip have disappeared … or at least the ones in the westend of the strip have

        and all because of the comments on this site
        thanks folks

        now what else did we want doing ?

        – Sometimes our blog has an impact. Val told me yesterday that her business at the Canadian Tire Garden Centre had “doubled” after I wrote a few kind words about her.

        I expressed skepticism but she said “No, it’s true – a LOT of people mention the blog when they come in. Business boomed right after you posted and it’s been booming ever since.”

        Word of mouth trumps corporate ads every time.

  10. Dave Mc says:

    Great… now, can the power of the blog convince City Hall to get Myers Hyundai to finally move their cars back OFF the “sidewalk?” Why is this not a case of encroachment on city land?

    Or, how about the Accessibility Advisory Committee for the City of Ottawa, whose mandate includes the evaluation of:
    “by-laws and regulations which have an impact on citizens with disabilities such as parking, zoning, sidewalk ramping, obstructions on sidewalks, etc.)”

    • margaret says:

      think they’ve tried as has this blog ….
      business rules on the strip – that’s the message I get here
      the community is not listened to

  11. wookie says:

    If you want to see REAL flower pots go to Manotick and the main street.

    And they even WATER them too!

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