police party in Bells Corners

The police and the Lynwood Manor community put on a great party last Saturday.

The Neighbourhood Watch sign was unveiled. Apparently it’s had a lot of success already – NW/police collaboration led to an arrest (for parole violation) after a short chase, and another particularly thorny problem was solved when someone moved out. “The community got together like never before and raised $261.47 for the Nepean Food Bank FAMSAC,” says NW coordinator Johanne.

Rick was there with his sidekick Jay. I felt a bit sorry for him, standing in the hot sun wearing his black suit. The police looked hot too.

There was certainly no shortage of free food! These friendly people were offering a delicious vegetarian dish. Local businesses like Loblaws, Metro, FreshCo, and M&M supplied the hamburgs and hot dogs; residents pushed over their BBQs to do the flipping and serving.

The community garage sale was fantastic – I got a really cool rocking horse and a fiberglass hockey stick for $10. Lots of kids (and adults) got a free ride on the bike-taxi.

Meanwhile Bells Corners’ nearest neighbours in Qualicum/Graham Park were celebrating their Community Day

Rick was there to make a long self-congratulatory speech. He was supported by his usual coterie – from left to right: Rusty, an unidentified political aide-de-camp, Mrs. Rick, Jennifer McIntosh from the EMC, Rick-employee Jordan, Rick-employee Jay.

Jordan did the filming for Rick while the missus and the EMC reporter did the photography. Jordan now works for Lisa, and if Randall wins in Ottawa West-Nepean some see him as Alex’s successor as Bells Corners BIA executive director. Way to go Jordan – Priam boy makes good!

Jay and Rick-employee Chantal retrieve Rick’s notes.

Jay, whose job it was to set up the Mr. Nepean lectern, genuflects for the boss.

Rick watches while Rusty (Rick introduced him as “Vanna”) presents trophies to upper-level City managers. The gentleman on the right is Kevin Wherrey from Parks & Rec – he’s the guy who got us a snowblower and a bunker to keep it in. The bureaucrat in the centre is Frempon, who played a key role in the shameful coup at the Lynwood Village Community Association.

All in all it was an awesome day!

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One Response to police party in Bells Corners

  1. jean-luc crook says:

    Canada Day in Bells Corners! Police Party, part 2. July 1 2017 in Lynwood Manor Park. Brought to you by corrupt local politicians and select corporate sponsors.

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