one mystery solved, others remain

I was disappointed to note that one of the twin towers, the mysteriously backwards-flying werB elbaT banners, had disappeared from Bells Corners’ most important intersection – surely cheeky vandals hadn’t walked off with it?

A nice gentleman from the werB elbaT reassured me that the banner was NOT missing in action – it had simply been wind-damaged and would be again fluttering proudly once the seamstress had stitched up the wounds.

Mysteries remain – will the bylaw bill collector drop in to the werB elbaT to demand payment for the flapping flags? In theory only politicians get to advertise on city property for free – put up a baby like this and the bylaw officer will have his palm out faster than you can say “Bob’s your uncle.”

They don’t bother the little guys too much, so this type of renegade advertising can be cost-effective.

Other mystery questions remain- what methods will the bylaw boys employ to persuade recalcitrant businesspeople to get with the program and pony up to comply with Rick’s master plan? Moral suasion? A well-placed word? Threats of fines? Warnings of legal consequences if a first responder gets confused, or a shopper ends up at the wrong strip mall?

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