garden centres duke it out

A lot of Bells Corners residents swear by Val at the Canadian Tire Garden Centre. She sure knows her gardening, and her infectious laugh and constant good humour make her garden centre popular.

The Loblaws Garden Centre took it on the chin because of the tardy inspector, but it’s fighting back hard. The prices may be slightly higher than at the Canadian Tire but they have friendly, knowledgeable employees and are planning a massive sale next weekend.

FreshCo too will try to get in few licks and grab a chunk of the Victoria Day weekend gardening market. The Citizen food blogger worked them over pretty good (again!), but it’s still the cheapest grocery store in Bells Corners for a lot of items, especially the produce. Notice the handle on the shopping cart – some lout removed the annoying insert-a-quarter mechanism.

Maybe the flower seller will be out again next weekend, renting space from the Esso.

Don’t spend ALL your time gardening next weekend – come to the community cleanup for some fun litter-picking. Meet at the FreshCo parking lot near the path to Tarquin on Sat. May 19 at 10 a.m. to select places in need of tidying up. Supplies will be provided.

Also consider volunteering for the Fun Day on Sat. May 26 in Lynwood Park, 10 – 2 p.m. – it’s shaping up to be an exciting day. Ha! Ha! Check out the water balloon slingshot chaos towards the end – the kids are loving it but some may frown for safety reasons.

The Safari drummer at the 2:35 mark above is Derek De Beers, a really famous guy. He was a former member of bands like Savuka and Jauuka – not household names in Canada but instantaneously familiar to millions in Africa and elsewhere – they toured with Springsteen and Peter Gabriel and their Zulu-influenced music is featured in films like Rainman (Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman), Invictus (Morgan Freeman), the George in the Jungle show, etc. Derek even played Johnny Carson! He told me that he’d love to be invited to the Lynwood Fun Day on May 26.

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