MORE empty space on the strip

The latest restaurant to bite the dust is the Taste of Japan on Richmond Rd. Robertson Rd.

The community employment resource centre is also closing up shop. This is bad news for Bells Corners residents – if you’re unemployed and need help finding a job you’ll now have to get on your horse and travel to the Merivale strip or deepest, darkest Kanata.

Meanwhile, a fire outside Bells Corners largest employer, the behemoth General Dynamics (which does research and development as well as manufacturing the weapons of war), cut off power to a good chunk of Bells Corners, mysteriously messing up the cash registers at FreshCo.

All the specials got scanned at the regular price unless the cashier knew by heart what was on sale. Not a great way to start their Frenzy Sale!

Care to guess where on the strip these guys are working?

installing the new bank machines at the ScotiaBank
Why is this house so famous?

Bill Teron, the guy who built Lynwood Village on the old Stinson farm, used to live here (on Pine Point)
Where is this magnificent example of Bells Corners Brutalist architecture found?
Moodie at the abandoned train tracks
Have you got your Fun Day flyer yet? Hand delivery of the double-sided yellow sheet has started on the streets closest to Lynwood Park.

Hey, who took this sign?
Fun for all, from toddlers to seniors!

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6 Responses to MORE empty space on the strip

  1. Taste of Japan was struggling for a while so it’s sad but not surprising news.

    Bells Corners will never recover until the commercial rent issue is addressed. My girlfriend owns a quite successful business in Bells Corners. Her family has owned business in Bells Corners for at least twenty-five years. As much as she likes the community she is seriously considering relocating at the end of the year.

    This week we looked at some options — she can get more than twice the space for 10% less rent in a better building than what she has in Bells Corners. Another option is the same amount of space in an equivalent building for less than half the rent she is paying now. That is still staying in the west end but closer to downtown. If someone were willing to move to the east end rents are even lower.

    An easy comparison – the Tim Horton’s that is moving is available for rent — they want $25/sq. ft. plus operating which in Bells Corners seems to run $6-8. I can get retail space on Carling near Merivale for $17/sq. ft. plus operating. For $25/sq. ft. I can get retail space in the Market on Murray Street on the ground floor of an up-market residential building just off Sussex.

    Obviously different businesses have different needs, but there is no way a space in Bells Corners should be anywhere near the same cost as space at Murray and Sussex!

    Bells Corners is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Currently the issue is businesses failing, but over the next two years you are going to see an exodus of successful businesses who will not renew their leases. I know of at least four successful businesses that are planning on leaving and, since that represents just the people I know, I think it is safe to assume the actual number of businesses planning to move is considerably higher.

  2. wanderer says:

    Got the flyer.

    Wonder if RC is done with making Bells Corners a place to drive through?

    – Not yet – the fun is just beginning! Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for even more wackiness from our favourite ethically-challenged career politician.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Two more from Townhall Plaza: Danco Medical Uniforms has vacated about two weeks ago and it seems First Class Hair Studio has not opened shop for quite some time.

    – “Townhall Plaza?” Is that the official name of the Pizza Hut plaza (which is registered to a numbered company, but insiders know which celebrity owns it).

    I’m not going to pretend I’m especially sad about Danco Medical Uniforms going down but the Vietnamese barber, that’s another story. I didn’t get my hair cut there too often, preferring Rosie’s ministrations at the Bells Corners Barbershop, but they were pleasant hardworking people, so I’m sorry that the landlord’s greed has punctured their dreams.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is called Townhall Plaza because the building sits on the site where the former city hall of Nepean once stood (1966-1988), before it was moved to Centrepointe Drive.

      – I say “fire the career politicians and put the firefighters in charge.” Wouldn’t we be better off?

  4. reidjr says:

    Rent is one thing but let’s face it – how appealing is Bells Corners to look at?

    Kanata has tons of box stores and people can shop/live/work there, and the same thing with Barrhaven and maybe to a lesser extent Stittsville.

    As much as it pains me to say it, Bells Corners is not a top place and things will get worse as Kanata etc. keep getting bigger and bigger.

  5. Gravy says:

    Capital Beauty Supply isn’t as new as I thought — they’re ex-pats from Westboro (saw their old location this weekend). Maybe the future of BC is more relocations from Wellington, considering the rent situation there ended up in the papers ($40/sq. ft. and climbing). Compared to that, BC is a steal. Landlords, get on that.

    Also noticed a fireworks retailer in Anwar’s Kitchen today.

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