cash on the barrel

If you’re in the market for a rain barrel you might want to throw your business to the United Church fundraiser instead of to the Canadian Tire.

You pick your colour and order online, with the option of paying in advance with plastic, or cash on the barrel on pick-up day, (Sat. May 5, anytime between 9-5 p.m., at the church).

Each rain barrel comes equipped with a leaf and mosquito filter basket, overflow adaptor
that permits the connection of multiple barrels, 1.2 metres of overflow hose and a spigot that can accept the attachment of a garden hose. It’s $55 per barrel. Additional overflow hose can also be purchased if required.

A reminder of this event at Britannia Beach on Sunday – free bike tune-ups and MUCH MORE to interest all cyclists.

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3 Responses to cash on the barrel

  1. Dave Mc says:

    Great info for rain barrels! I just ordered up a grey one. Going to be redoing my gutters and adding a barrel at the end of everything. Great price, too.
    Our condo corp. is really encouraging owners to save water. Like everything else, water costs just keep going up and up…..

  2. Susan J White says:

    My friend went over to the bike thing – she said that although there was quite a bit of disorganization, there were no lines for the people waiting and the volunteers did a good job on her bike.

  3. unitedwestand says:

    Community paper covers rain barrel fundraising project

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