damn cyclists!

Not everyone in Bells Corners agrees with me that our community is a great place to cycle.

So here are two videos showing irresponsible cyclists blithely ignoring the rules of the road and acting arrogant and rude.

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2 Responses to damn cyclists!

  1. wanderer says:

    He was rude, disrespectful of everyone, a dangerous driver, and throwing garbage all over the place.

    Exactly what NOT to do when you ride a bike, and the title says it all. Get him off the road. If this is a tribute to his father, it sure makes me wonder!

    – I’m pretty sure that the first video (shot in Montreal) did NOT involve any littering or ANY dangerous cycling moves, thanks to the wonders of modern technology blue screens, etc.).

    The second video (shot in the States) is made by cyclists to lampoon the rude behaviour of other cyclists.

  2. Wookey says:

    There will always be jerk bike riders no matter what laws or education there is.

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