tragedy on the strip

A couple of years ago a young person driving a speeding car did some very serious damage to a poor guy on foot who was reacting to a theft at the gas bar. The accused was caught on two separate security cameras so it seems unlikely that he’ll get off. If convicted his sentence will maybe depend on establishing his intention – was he just trying to get away or did he intentionally ruin someone’s life?

The trial starts soon – someone was on the scene today taking photos and using this surveying equipment to back up the evidence from the surveillance cameras.

In other strip news – the lady at the Spa is back on her feet!

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4 Responses to tragedy on the strip

  1. wanderer says:

    What happened to the lady? And how long ago was the theft? I must have not have been paying attention. This happens to us retired folk, sometimes (:>)

    – The female statue was first vandalized a few weeks ago and the owner spent a lot of money repairing her, only to have it vandalized a second time. Drunken louts are the prime suspects.

    The thieves were the people stealing the cups at the Esso self-serve coffee stand.

  2. friends of Mikey says:

    A lot of people in Bells Corners knew Mikey and will be following the trial carefully. He was extremely well-known and liked in Bellwood and by everyone who bought gas at Suny’s, as it was known at the time of the alleged crime.

    Mike Armstrong died at 55 from a brain hemorrhage on Fri. Feb. 5, possibly related to the robbery at Suny’s. He was in poor shape after that, but still able to walk with help, his sister said.

    Have the charges being upgraded? The trial starts soon.

  3. disgusted! says:

    He murdered Mikey indirectly.

    I knew that he would get off lightly. He’s a prime candidate for the Harper government cabinet – he lies like a rug!

    Now the thief is saying that he’s the victim. Criminals do this to gain sympathy.

    Crocodile tears,and fake apologies don’t count.

    What about Mike’s family? Don’t they count?

    Who cares about his job? He should get 10 years!

  4. Judges give out ridiculously low sentences. We had a case about two years ago that involved a robbery and a women got dragged.

    She seemed likely to die but even if she didn’t she’d have brain damage that she would never recover from.

    The guys who did the robbery got six months and eighteen months. We need mandatory minimum sentences for people who commit crimes that result in someone getting hurt. The Conservatives have been pushing for that but Liberals and NDP oppose it.

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