mystery photos 19

Who? Where? Why? When? (answers)
An executive member of Citizens for Safe Cycling and a veteran of the Afghan war participated in the Bells Corners St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
The founder of had a bike without pedals!
vandalized tree on the main bike route between Bells Corners and Andrew Haydon Park There’s a grand 360-degree view at the top of the hill.

Frank Dinardo’s has a few bikes on display but the store is still filled with skiing stuff.
the AMAZING Richard from Human-Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa (HPVOoO) The high bike he’s riding was made by the same guy who designed and made the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi.
vertical bike rack at the ChipWorks

Popular garage owner Adrian will be moving from the decommissioned Shell station on the strip to set up shop in part of this building (General Dynamics, Bells Corners’ largest employer, is visible in the background).
A sure sign of spring is when the chip wagons start opening. This guy told me that they usually don’t set up until mid-April!

There were two well-decorated recumbents in the parade.
Thorncliffe Place is expanding.

There’s still free air for bicycles at the Esso. The roll-up-the-rim cups are once again on display – maybe they caught the thieves.

No tipping allowed!
This private school opened last year near the old Dairy Queen.
An inexpensive Bells Corners speed hump (NOT a speed bump) that slows down speeders but doesn’t bother snow plows, emergency vehicles or bicycles.
condiments at the chip wagon near Frank Dinardo’s

thanks to the Bicycle Doctor for the photos

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One Response to mystery photos 19

  1. wanderer says:

    Great photos – haven’t quite figured out where the new Christian school is.

    – It’s in the Emmanuel Alliance Church, across from Thorncliffe Place.

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