last gasp

It may have been the shortest skating season on record for the canal, just 28 days, but the outdoor rink season is still open, with excellent conditions offered at many neighbourhood rinks.

Get out today and tomorrow, your last chance for this year. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Al flooded last night so it’ll be even better today.

It’s always good to take the nets off when there’s nobody playing and the sun is blazing on a mild day, so that the heavy steel doesn’t sink into the ice and damage it.

Please stay off the rinks when they’re closed.
(photos taken during Saturday’s thaw – Al has flooded at least twice since then)

The Maki rinks in Crystal Beach were open for business yesterday too.

It’s a well-run neighbourhood rink with good access to well-supervised facilities.
lender sticks and skate exchange

mats to protect skate blades

braille on the sign!

Outdoor music is available.

The huge surface at Barry Mullen was in good shape yesterday and the building was open.

other Bells Corners rinks yesterday (all closed for good):



Not everyone who was frolicking in Westcliffe Park yesterday was playing hockey – these new residents were playing snowshoe frisbee golf!

Al, the Lakeview guru of outdoor rinks, said that this season has been a toughie – not a lot of snow but several bad thaws. He opened as early as usual (late December) but there were 23 days when the rink was closed due to bad weather, more than double what he usually loses. Is global warming going to kill a cherished Canadian tradition?

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