Family Day in Bells Corners

I hope that everyone who was lucky enough to have the day off enjoyed Family Day. These ladies were probably grateful to have time off school so they could skate on the Arbeatha rink, which is maintained by City workers and a local hero.

Westcliffe Park was a busy place, with many residents both young and old enjoying the sunny weather. The toboggan runs were very popular and the rink was also busy all day.

The canal might have been closed to skating and the grass poking out of the Lynwood rinks, but somehow Bruce, Doug and their helpers managed to produce excellent ice conditions that made a lot of skaters very happy. The building was open too, which is always nice.

After about four hours of hockey I cruised down the strip to see what it looked like on Family Day. Traffic was light and many businesses, even restaurants, were closed. I wondered a bit about the The Dollar Store leaving the lights blazing away all day. FreshCo turned off some of their lighting, presumably to be environmentally responsible.

I chatted with a couple of customers at Lapointe’s – they raved about the food there.

McDonalds was open too, of course. I had a coffee to warm up – only 29 cents with free refills for seniors.

So was the Rexall – I think they’re open 365 days a year. The pharmacist reported that the drive-thru was getting more popular, with maybe 10 customers on an average day. Certainly not enough for a double drive-thru, so it’s not surprising that they dismantled the infrastructure for the second lane before it was even used. Some bargains were to be had – isn’t $4.19 a good price for milk?

Local Heroes was open and busy – like the Cock & Bull they have discounted prices when the Sens are playing. I noted a couple of interesting items on the walls – the guy in the second photo is apparently the most famous Canadian athlete in the world (unfortunately), bigger than Gretzky (and I bet most of you don’t have the foggiest idea who it is).

The Second Cup was closed.

The strip is kind of homely, and monstrous over-sized billboards encouraging us to gamble, drink and over-consume don’t help.

But it’s also a strangely beautiful place, full of amazing sights and fascinating people with interesting stories to tell.

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2 Responses to Family Day in Bells Corners

  1. Dave Mc says:

    The popular guy = GSP (Georges St-Pierre)
    Just goes to show you the growing popularity of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

    – I’d be willing to go a few rounds of MMA with Rick, maybe on the same card with Justin and the Conservative senator.

  2. ottawaowl says:

    Family Day 2012: The canal and Lynwood were closed but Westcliffe Park still had good ice thanks to Doug et al

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