crap on the strip

Not every location in Bells Corners is as beautiful as Stony Swamp or Lynwood Village! This is in front of the soon-to-be-demolished Tim Hortons, proud sponsors of the litter-picking parade.

This guy (a recent immigrant from Spain!) told me that there’s always crap along the strip. Time for another community clean-up? The strip is not the only place in Bells Corners where the litterers are running amok.

In his campaign literature Rick boasted about “securing over $1 million to reconstruct the sidewalks down the entire length of the strip.” Maybe he missed a few spots?

three ways to say chees?

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4 Responses to crap on the strip

  1. wanderer says:

    This time of year one can find ‘crap’ around almost all the fast food places, bus stops, etc. The ugly black snow doesn’t help to make things seem clean either. The mild winter has more people outside, and this adds to the mess.

    – I won’t point the finger at the fast food corporations, the City or the local ward boss, even if they deserve at least some of the blame for the ugliness along the strip. I’m disappointed in the litterers, especially local residents – let’s show some civic pride or visitors will think we’re some sort of banana republic here in Bells Corners. Stuff that candy wrapper or Timmy cup in your pocket if you can’t find a garbage can. As for the thousands of cigarette butts all over the place, just don’t chuck ’em on the sidewalk à la Jay.

  2. waddle says:

    Ignorant punks and adults are doing the littering.

    You’ll never stop them. They just don’t care!

  3. Dave Mc says:

    While sitting at McD’s having a coffee I watched a girl, maybe 14ish, get up from her table of friends, walk outside with her little ciggy, and have a smoke while every 30 seconds or so she had a nice spit on the sidewalk right by the door.

    When she walked in I said to her, “hey, do you have some sort of excess saliva problem or something?” She, of course, just looked at me with that stunned, slack-jawed look and said “huh?”

    What a shining example of today’s youth walking amongst us.

  4. Trevor says:

    Perhaps if there was an appropriate receptacle nearby for people’s garbage it wouldn’t be so bad?

    I am not saying that it is right to throw litter on the ground if there is no garbage can around, but I bet that a lot fewer people would do it if there was some alternative.

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