recent crime

This is a map of Bells Corners crime so far this year, from the CrimeReports site, that you can compare to December’s map.

Here’s a similar map with a legend (the blue double-rectangle symbol means multiple incidents at the same location).

It hasn’t been easy for them, but the Neighbourhood Watch group in Lynwood Manor is gathering steam, with over 100 members so far and support from other community groups, schools and businesses.

Apparently many Lynwood Manor residents are not happy with the level of police service provided to their neighbourhood, have complained to Chief Vern White and are “patrolling the streets and doing it free of charge to keep ourselves safe and protected.”

You can go to their Facebook site to take part in their poll and learn more about their particular concerns and point of view.

photo by Jennifer McIntosh, Nepean/Barrhaven EMC.

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2 Responses to recent crime

  1. wanderer says:

    Wow, no replies? I guess no one is worried about crime in Lynwood Village. My husband and I, by chance, caught a thief making his way out of Metro with a whole basketful of steaks that were on special, as well as salmon steaks. We just kept our eyes open, my hubby followed him to his car, took down the licence plate number, and the cops nabbed him. He had a long history of doing his shopping this way. It sure saved on his living expenses, but how many of us honest citizens are this way inclined, and even keep our eyes open to this kind of thievery?

    It’s up to all citizens to keep their eyes open and to report what they see. There is no danger in it, and it sure would help keep grocery prices down, as these losses are passed down to consumers.

    Maybe the grocery stores could hire seniors to be ‘disguised honesty shoppers’ – it’s not hard, and if you keep your head down, it’s downright easy. We are all responsible for the state of affairs in our neighbourhoods, up to a point.

    I know that I would be happy to play such a role in our neighbourhood, and if the stores expressed an interest in hiring some of us unemployed seniors, even with minimal remuneration. I’d be the first to jump up and say “Yes, I’ll give back to my community.”

    – A whole shopping cart full of steaks and salmon? Talk about cheeky! Hope the thief enjoys his gruel in prison.

    I feel for the business owners, especially the small ones, who get ripped off by shoplifters. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur in Bells Corners, for obvious reasons, so the last thing they need is lazy people taking advantage of them.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t condemn a thief until listening to his story. There could be extenuating circumstances, like poverty, mental illness or dementia.

    I’m not condoning theft. But there are many different kinds of theft, some of it perpetuated by the 1%, no?

    I’m probably a criminal myself – just last week I went to the movies and bought an old person’s ticket, even if I won’t be receiving my old age pension for a few months yet. Should I be locked up? Should I be scorned for being so cheap? Wasn’t it a victimless crime since the theatre was 90% empty?

    I also brazenly ask for the senior’s discount at the Bells Corners Barbershop.

    You make a good point about doing our duty as citizens – you don’t need to be enrolled in a formal Neighbourhood Watch programme to be a good neighbour – just keep your eyes open and do the right thing when nasty stuff is going down. Let the police know about it – they need all the help they can get.

    Not sure I’d want to put in too many volunteer hours as a secret shopper to boost Metro’s profits, although it might be fun as a paid position – I’d rather do something else for the community, like operate the bike-taxi or maintain the outdoor rinks.

  2. margaret says:

    Craig … if you look old enough to pass for a senior – go for it !!
    anyway – isn’t 55 the new ‘old’ for theatres

    as for crime … is it more that is being reported or actually more crime ?

    we can all do our bit for the community one way or another
    after all it’s our community and we should be a part of rather than apart from it

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