Bells Corners rink opens

Nice ice at Westcliffe!

Westcliffe Rink Youtube

Lakeview Rink Youtube

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5 Responses to Bells Corners rink opens

  1. margaret says:

    good news … knew they would come through as they plan a winter fun day in February

    on another topic … when is a superstore not a superstore ?
    ever been to that place at College Square, corner of Baseline and Woodroffe ?
    well it’s not a superstore – it’s a loblaws – so it doesn’t have superstore prices …
    nearly got fooled by it the other day, just driving by and thought ‘superstore’ …
    surprise, surprise …. so it will be back to kanata again

    wonder what our store version will be … it’s nothing at the moment … sad

    – It may soon be transformed into a Your Independent- it will probably soon be offering buyouts and “buydowns” to its unionized employees in order to control costs. There are lots of other rumours out there, but nobody except corporate management knows for sure.

  2. wanderer says:

    The site doesn’t recognize that Lynwood/Bells Corners rink is open. RC should be ashamed of himself – just because us BC types were/are mad at him about the name change doesn’t mean he has to ignore us when we could use a bit of help letting the world know that our rink is open too.

    – The rink IS open – you just can’t skate on it.

  3. ottawarinks says:

    Don’t forget, anyone can update the condition of the rinks at 🙂

    • margaret says:

      you have to look at the complete picture … skim through the list of ottawa rinks and many are in poor condition if not closed …
      even Ben Franklin Place at old Nepean City Hall – so if the city can’t keep its own rink in good condition then it’s a wonder any of the others are good

      – The freezing rain made it difficult for ALL outdoor rink operators, but the good rinks bounce back quickly – Lakeview was up and running yesterday.

      The good rinks have people out flooding whenever conditions permit (cold, no snowfall) so they manage to build up a thick coat of ice (it takes around 50 coats to get a few inches). So, when bad weather hits (especially the dreaded thaw), the rink can bounce back quickly.

      Ben Franklin has pipes under the ice, but it’s maintained by City workers who punch a clock. You won’t see them out in the wee hours labouring on the ice.

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