mystery photos 17

Who? Where? Why? When? (answers)

at the fire station (former site of Nepean city hall)

where the Metro took up the traffic-calming speed bumps



Bell Arena

Bell H.S.

soon to be renamed Donoghue Memorial Park?

Lakeview Park last week

Bell H.S. sports field

NCC trail

an Ottawa walking problem on Northside (formerly part of Bells Corners’ main street)

mystery objects wrapped and chained in Hillside Park Donoghue Memorial Park

oppressive pillars leading to the closed KidCaf and Pizza Hut



Bell Forest

Crystal Beach-Lakeview crime

the Agere Building on Moodie

Lynwood Manor

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3 Responses to mystery photos 17

  1. wanderer says:

    I recognized the corner of the new Rexall store, NOT Lynwood skating rink, the corner of the shoe repair shop and Northside Road, Stoney Swamp trail, Mongolian Grill plaza, accident at Richmond Rd and Acres, crime report for Crystal Beach, the Agere Building on Moodie, and a SWAT team at some garden home somewhere :>)

    Any of these right?

    – Pretty good! The Rexall and the Mongolian restaurant are NOT in the photos and the accident isn’t anywhere near Acres (although it IS on Richmond-soon-to-be-Robertson Rd.)

  2. TonyL1 says:

    pic #4 shows buses waiting at Bell High School
    pic #6 shows the small school yard at Bells Corners Public School
    across from the Pizza Hut mall.
    pic #8 is a guess, but a bike locked up near the Stinson Ave entrance to Bell Arena?
    pic #10, looking east towards Dinardos.
    pic #12 , looking North towards L.A. Nails in the Pizza Hut mall, pic taken standing near the Water
    pic #13 workers at Robertson Rd. at Lynhar/Stafford intersection, pic facing east towards the Electrical Plumbing store.

    – All right except pic #6!

  3. Bobby_Sharks says:

    Great photos

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