good ice!

There’s bad ice…

…and there’s good ice.

outdoor rink report – Wed. Jan. 11:
Lakeview, Maki – facility open, ice in great shape
Lynwood, Westcliffe – facility closed, ice not ready
Lakeview rink Youtube

My intent is to supplement and let skaters know what conditions are like – it’s no fun to get dressed up and head off to an outdoor rink only to find it closed or in poor shape.

I’m not criticizing the people at Lynwood and Westcliffe who are building the rinks – I’m just congratulating the people at Lakeview and Maki who have done such a great job of serving their communities and showing what’s possible when you have the motivation/organization necessary to make the short season last as long as possible.

So bravo to both Al, Andrew and Alex and to the Crystal Beach-Lakview Community Association!

A nice touch at Maki is the speaker that can be attached outside so that skaters can listen to music.

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One Response to good ice!

  1. trevor says:

    How is lynwood today cuz westcliff hasn’t even started 😦

    – Hold your horses – base ice has to be created first. Ice-making is backbreaking labour, but it’s also both an art and a science.

    Don’t compare our outdoor rinks to rinks of dreams which cost many millions of dollars to set up and run on annual budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Community rink operators get a couple of thousand dollars for everything and need to rely on volunteers to have an outdoor rink good enough to become a source of great community pride.

    This youtube only lasts 18 seconds, but it represents about 50 hours of hard labour.

    Don’t forget that almost all of our outdoor rinks are created on top of uneven grass fields, and it’s way more complicated than just pouring a gazillion gallons of expensive water out of a hose.

    And how you like to spend a lot of money on rented equipment while working like a dog for 50 hours or so, and then have everything washed away by a December thaw? Arrrghhh!

    It’s risky business starting too early, but thankfully Doug in Westcliffe and the very impressive rejuvenated LVCA team assembled by Ron* are willing to take the risk. This could be the best shinny season in Bells Corners since the good old days of Nepean, when Stevie Yzerman skipped classes at Bell to work on the Lynwood rink.

    * Is he ex-military or what? He sure knows how to cut through the BS and get things done!

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