top BC news stories of 2011, part 3

Goodwill closes, Zellers next?
Boarded-up businesses multiply.
Banned in Bells Corners
Bike-taxi banned from drive-thrus.
Rick’s spending spree
Councillor burns through tax dollars.
Rick’s flip-flop embarrasses mayor
Councillors hold noses to pass “compromise” strip renaming.

Waiving the rules for Rick
Majority of councillors oppose “unacceptable compromise.”
Jack’s last ride
Bells Corners says goodbye.
Don Robertson rides the bike-taxi to the mosque
The Stanley Cup is paraded in Bells Corners.
Public meeting serves up snake oil.
Intensification plans panned.
Transit cuts detailed
Bells Corners bus riders take it on the chin.

A month of crime
Police website keeps the community informed.
Bells Corners on the boob tube
TV event sells some Bells Corners businesses.
Booing seniors get drive-thru drugs.
Rexall takes a hit.

The car is king?
Millions spent for dubious car projects.
Eco-fair ambush
United Church turns green.
Pigs at the trough
Rick is NOT a fiscal conservative.
Tough RC opponent bites the dust
Earl McRae defended Bells Corners.
Green proposal snubbed
Safety of path questioned.
Timm Dr. a mess
Suburban sprawl costs spiral.
Skateboard project in trouble
Councillor blames kids.

Running the gauntlet on the sidewalk to nowhere
Cars are STILL parked on sidewalk.
Vox testing
Soil contamination plagues Bells Corners.
Renaming parks
Hillside Park to be renamed?
L-o-n-g wait for residents
Unhappy condo owners are impatient with the delays.
Citizen: Rick’s “political posturing” a “load of garbage”
Lobby registry raises hackles.
Residents shocked by eviction notices
Forty-two low-income Bellwood homeowners are in a tight squeeze.

Bells Corners high schools
Tests results don’t tell the whole story.
Outdoor rinks on thin ice?
This year’s season is off to a slow start.

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