top BC news stories of 2011, part 2

BIA banners festoon strip
Bells Corners Business Improvement Area makes things worse.
Outdoor rink goes from best to worst
Rick makes the kids pay for his dirty tricks.
Criminals on the run
Street crime plagues Bells Corners.
Giant mosque nears completion
Project moves forward.
Taxpayers get hacked at the rinks
Everyone loses because of Rick’s nasty tricks.
Nepean is a dirty word?
Nepean signs continue to disappear.

Price Chopper chopped
Blue-collar grocery expands and rebrands.
Fierce fire in trailer park
Mysterious fire raises serious questions.
BIA criticized
Business opposition to Rick’s doublespeak rises.
Honouring Lloyd Francis
Rick tries to pull a fast one.

Bus riders pay the price.
Bus service to Bells Corners cut.
Former hippie blasts vandals
Residents are fed up with vandalism.
Rick takes developer money
Councillor gets tens of thousands of dollars from private interests.

The fix was in
Planning committee accepts Lloyd Francis Boulevard renaming despite massive community/business opposition.
Voters, media tongue-lash councillor
Anger grows over Rick’s shady tactics.
Secret public meeting
Rick “consults” the community but forgets to invite anyone.
Mysterious petition discovered
Opposition to Rick’s tactics grows.
Piping in the photo ops
Wacky event blows a tire.

Robertson rebellion
Public demonstration by seniors galvanizes opposition to flawed renaming.
Earl McRae mocks Rick over fib
The media savage Rick on a regular basis for speaking with a forked tongue.
Rick/City bureaucrats take control of community association election
Opponents to Rick banned or sent packing as local democracy is subverted.

Bear trappers at Bell HS
Bears terrorize Bells Corners.
Things Rick likes to say
Fifteen fibs listed.
Community and businesses defeat Rick’s wacky plan
Rick is forced to backtrack when the truth is uncovered.

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One Response to top BC news stories of 2011, part 2

  1. margaret says:

    nothing to do with this really … but tried to do Gows take-out yesterday …. add one more to the list of closed sites – they have retired ….

    – I’m not surprised. I talked to them a couple of times last summer and they were bummed out about the declining number of customers, high taxes, vandalism and an armed robbery (which never made the papers).

    It’s not easy being a business owner in Bells Corners.

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