trailer park shock

It’s nice to see finally see some Bells Corners news in the local community papers, especially something other than reworked press releases from Rick or Alex.

EMC hasn’t been done much of anything on Bells Corners since Rick’s Lloyd Francis Boulevard fiasco, but Metroland veteran journalist Nevil Hunt of OttawaThisWeek has done a good job lately, with stories on Bell High School’s 50th reunion, Elizabeth May’s visit to Bells Corners for the Ecofair and the push to cleanse Bells Corners of trailer park residents.

Trailer park residents shocked by termination notices
Bells Corners tenants must buy insurance: owner
Nevil Hunt

The owner of a Bells Corners trailer park has sent up to 42 early termination notices to tenants.

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities owns the Bellwood Estates trailer park and rents spaces to about 250 mobile home owners.

The termination notices all appear to be directed to trailer owners who use oil to heat their trailer homes. The landlord says all tenants must show proof of insurance covering the cost of cleaning up an oil leak from their oil holding tanks.

The termination notices were delivered in late October, and those provided to Ottawa This Week by tenants say the trailer owners “must move out” by Nov. 15. The documents say the tenant has “substantially interfered with…a lawful right, privilege or interest of the landlord.”

While Parkbridge may have intended the notices for trailer owners who have oil tanks, some appear to have been sent in error. One tenant – who asked not to be identified – said a termination notice was sent to a tenant whose trailer has never had oil heat, and is heated by electricity only.

“She cried like a baby,” the unidentified tenant said of the recipient of the termination.

He added that the lady told to move out was scheduled for surgery in mid-November and “had no idea what to do,” about the mistaken termination notice.

Another resident who is in the process of converting her trailer from oil to propane also received a termination notice, the tenant said.


Christine Poirier, Parkbridge’s regional manager in charge of Bellwood, said the number of termination notices was less than 42, but wouldn’t provide a specific number or the reason for sending them.

“It’s not something Parkbridge wants,” Poirier said, adding residents had a year’s notice and two prior written notices in relation to a common issue.

Poirier called termination notices “a warning,” adding it is still possible to for residents to fix the problem and stay as tenants.

Parkbridge chief operating officer Bill Wells later confirmed the notices were sent out to people with oil tanks and no proof of insurance. He said the lease agreements signed by tenants make it clear they must prove they carry insurance in case of an oil leak. He also confirmed that Bellwood residents who received the forms can still conform and remain on their lots.

“I’m aware of two oil leaks at Bellwood,” Wells said from his office in Wasaga Beach, Ont. “(The tenants’) insurance paid for those, although one of the cleanups took almost a year.”

He added that cleaning up a spill can cost more than $300,000.

Wells estimated there are still 10 to 20 Bellwood residents who have not provided proof of insurance to Parkbridge. Wells said it’s unusual for the company to send out so many termination notices, in part because most mobile home owners use natural gas or propane.

He said the best-case scenario is if the owners convert from oil to gas or propane, but if people choose to stick with their oil furnace, they must show proof that they are covered in the event of an oil leak in the park.

The bill for cleaning up a spill “could cost them everything they own,” he said.

A Bellwood resident told Ottawa This Week that converting from oil to gas or propane costs about $4,000.

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5 Responses to trailer park shock

  1. wanderer says:

    It appears that Parkbridge is a owner/manager/rental agent without a heart. Sending notice to tenants where no due diligence has been done as to whether or not they had oil/propane/electical heating is poor business practice and will win them no friends in the trailer park or in Bells Corners. Their history leaves a lot to be desired, and I believe they are trying to find a way to evict or get rid of the trailer court at any cost. I hope our support for these folks will be strong.

  2. TonyL1 says:

    Bill Wells is totally incorrect. Nobody here heats with natural gas. A good 60% heat with oil, and the rest use propane, many of them new customers of Stinsons Propane (Fuels).

    Natural gas is a commodity not available in the park. The majority of mobile owners have not signed leases that include a insurance clause with Parkbridge.

    In fact, the majority of mobile owners have not signed leases with Parkbridge at all!

    The majority of the tenants do not agree with the terms of the new leases that Parkbridge is offering.

  3. debbie says:

    I agree. Park owners are charging tenants 10 dollars a month here and people can’t or won’t pay.

    The policy does not have our names on it, so we shouldn’t have to.

    The rents are sky-high, $599 a month, and people are having a rough time trying to pay the rent on their lots.

    Then the park threatens to evict them. Where is there help for desperate tenants, especially the elderly, who will be devastated if they lose their homes?
    FU RC.

  4. Sherrill Oomen says:

    When the City cannot or will not invest in low-cost housing for the poor or elderly what are the options? Folks look for the best deal they can get within their budgets. When a landowner invests it is up to that investor to upgrade and make the property attractive to responsible renters or buyers. Long-term profits come that way. Ramrod ultimatums are not the way to go. Bellwood would be a great asset to the community and I agree it needs a bit of a face-lift. Work together guys!

  5. Lise Uithoven says:

    After seeing the above pictures of the park, should I be fearful of buying a mobile home there? I thought city services like electricity were available. I am looking for a safe and well-kept place in Ottawa without the hassles of looking after a home.

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