crime wave in Bells Corners?

At the recent crime meeting at Bells Corners P.S. the community police officer was asked if crime is on the upswing in Bells Corners and how we compare to other communities. She pointed us to the 2010 police statistics that show that crime is down in College ward. That’s great, but it doesn’t tell us much about Bells Corners.

In 2010 property crime in our ward was down or stable (for example, 17 cases of arson in 2009 and the exact same number in 2010). In fact, all sorts of crime are down except for fraud and drug busts. This is, of course, no solace to you if you’re a victim of arson, theft, vandalism, break & enter or worse.

Is Bells Corners crime up in 2011? Is it worse here than in neighbouring communities? The police crime maps provide some clues.
Bells Corners

west end


Neighbourhood Watch was promoted at the last crime meeting as part of the solution, and an information meeting hosted by the police will take place on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the United Church.

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2 Responses to crime wave in Bells Corners?

  1. When it comes to crime statistics and property crime the declining numbers are more a result of society just coming to terms with the fact that calling the police is a waste of time. Most victims of small crimes don’t report them. If someone steals a $200 item from your car, if your bike gets stolen, if someone does minor vandalism to your property, you just don’t report it. Even some of the less serious assaults go unreported. People realize that nothing will happen if you report these crimes and so they are not going to waste their time.

  2. waddle says:

    Underage punks who know if caught they’ll get off scot-free. Nothing but a big joke to them.

    Jail time is the answer! The laws are too lenient.

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